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  1. Is HW accel possible for JPEG encoder?


    Nov 9, 2015 ... So seem JPEG encoding cannot be HW accelerated? Or what i am ... JPEG hardware encoder supports only with Skylake generation. Up until ...

  2. Jpeg encoding


    Jan 18, 2016 ... Is that mean QuickSync does not support jpeg encoding? (using h264 is OK) 2. The time between MFXVideoENCODE_EncodeFrameAsync ...

  3. JPEG Encoder and aligned width/height


    Oct 6, 2014 ... How does the JPEG encoder handle non aligned data? Specifically, I have content that is 853x420, and 720x368 and even though I set the ...

  4. IPP sample code for JPEG encoder/decoder


    Jul 15, 2009 ... Hello Ying or anybody, After I go through IPP6.1 sample code for read and display JPEG from JPEGview, I feltit is more difficultto integrate it to ...

  5. How to get output encoded Frame from Jpeg Encoder for every input ...


    Mar 6, 2014 ... Hi, I am using the sample Jpeg Encoder from sample_encode application of Media SDK. By default, this encoder is providing the first encoded ...

  6. Does IPP jpeg encoder support YUV as input?


    I am doing a project that the input is YUV raw data (get from MPEG4 decoder, the image size is at hand). I need to use IPP jpegencoder to compress it into Jpeg ...

  7. UIC Jpeg encoding color distortion


    Mar 17, 2014 ... I have attached a sample image I am trying to encode and the resulting jpeg I get after the encoding. Here is a snippet of the code I am trying ...

  8. Faster Jpeg Encoder [UIC, IJC, Picnic]


    Hi,I would need to encode JPEG Images faster than .net and other ... but the encoding time should not be greater than 8~10ms per image in a ...

  9. UIC jpeg codec performance not scaling to multi core


    Mar 1, 2011 ... If I want to use the uic jpeg encoder in my system then I need to build it with ..... something is wrong, JPEG decoder and encoder for such kind of ...

  10. Memory leak in IPP sample JPEG encoder


    Aug 4, 2011 ... Hi,I have created a custom JPEG encoder/decoder using the sample encoder/ decoder from the IPP sample and I found out there is an memory ...

  11. Which JPEG encoder should I use


    I have downloaded the 7.1 IPP samples and noticed that there are 2 jpeg encoder/decoder's. One is in UIC and one is in image codecs.

  12. Jpeg encoder problem with CMemBuffOutput


    Oct 16, 2013 ... I am having problems with encoding a bytestream into Jpeg when the output is memory (CMemBuffOutput) but no problems at all when the ...

  13. How I to use Intel IPP JPEG Viewer Sample for Windows* ?


    May 14, 2010 ... Which Intel IPP JPEG encoder/decoder is faster than the IJL? The Intel IPP JPEG codec from the JPEGView sample is implemented for

  14. jpeg-and-threading.pdf


    Of the codec blocks that make up a JPEG encoder or decoder, only the variable- length coding blocks and DPCM are not naturally parallel. The Huffman.

  15. UIC JPEG encoder JPEGEncoderParamsXXX not well designed


    Feb 21, 2012 ... Every type of m_color declared inside class JPEGEncoderParamsXXX (uic.jpeg. enc.h) was JCOLOR. However, it actually a IM_COLOR type.

  16. Using JPEG encoder with MSFT YUV types


    Sep 15, 2006 ... I tried to modify the encoding classdefined in encoder.cpp (CJPEGEncoder)that came with the JPEG sample to accept these types, but the ...

  17. Intel® Media SDK Reference Manual for JPEG*/Motion JPEG


    Intel® Media SDK Reference Manual for JPEG*/Motion JPEG .... The SDK extends the codec identifier MFX_CODEC_JPEG for JPEG and motion JPEG ...

  18. JPEG encoder question


    Apr 29, 2005 ... I've tried both the new IPP-based IJL (ijl2.0) and the CJPEGEncoder class. Interestingly I've found that the jpeg file size is much larger when ...

  19. JPEG encoder producing bad images


    Mar 2, 2007 ... I'm having some trouble with the JPEG encoder sample, specifically the code in ipp_samplejpegjpegviewjpegcodec. I'm finding that it will ...

  20. New JPEG encoder brightens/reduces contrast of YUV420 img


    Mar 1, 2013 ... Hello, I am trying the new JPEG encoder in the 2013 release, and have noticed something odd. When I encode YUV420 material, the JPEG ...

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