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  1. JPEG Encoder and aligned width/height


    Oct 6, 2014 ... How does the JPEG encoder handle non aligned data? Specifically, I have content that is 853x420, and 720x368 and even though I set the ...

  2. JPEG Encode Hardware Acceleration


    26 Oct 2016 ... I have developed an application which encodes JPEG images around Media SDK 1.19. On my development machine everything works well, ...

  3. Does IPP jpeg encoder support YUV as input?


    23 Ene 2006 ... I need to use IPP jpegencoder to compress it into Jpeg file. But it seems both the JPEGView and other samples only support RGB(*.bmp) as ...

  4. JPEG/MJPEG encoder line duplication problem


    Sep 10, 2008 ... Hi there, I'm using the IPP 5.3 JPEG encoder to create an MJPEG encoder. Everything works fine except that an occasional frame will have ...

  5. C# encoder jpeg (COM header handled properly by some viewers ...


    Nov 14, 2008 ... hi all, thanks to Albert's corrections to the encoder.cs, the ipsp sample can now save consistently jpegs ... but I have found (unfortunately) ...

  6. JPEG and 411 sampling


    17 Nov 2011 ... Does the IPP jpeg encoder/decoder supports 411 sampling.For instance if I decode a YUV 411 jpeg toYUV 422 nothing happens. The same ...

  7. Problem with Encoding a 16 bit image to Grayscale jpeg image with ...


    7 Jul 2011 ... My requirement is to encode a 16 bit pixel image to grayscale jpeg format. I need to maintain high quality with lossless compression. Here is ...

  8. Media SDK JPEG Memory Leak


    29 Oct 2016 ... Hi, I'm running a fairly simple transcode which is showing a memory leak when encoding JPEGs with driver version on Windows ...

  9. JPEG lossless for multichannel images


    Feb 24, 2010 ... The JPEG encoder provided in UIC samples supports only lossless encoding for single channel images when the destination color space is ...

  10. Is IJL_411 IJL_420actually? about Intel JPEG Library.


    Jun 18, 2010 ... Lun, 21/06/2010 - 01:11. HI Vladimir: by My Checking, The JpegViewer mentioned above is jsut the UIC jpeg encoder. I have check the 2 code ...

  11. dose media sdk have c sample codes?


    10 Feb 2017 ... The sample_encode project has the code for JPEG encoding. For a quick source code check you can click the link in this page to the GitHub.

  12. ijl15 vs ijl20 vs IPP jpeg decode performance


    Jan 24, 2008 ... Hi, We have been using ijl15 for decoding jpeg images for quite a while. ... 2. compress it with reference JPEG encoder (you may use the ...

  13. Conversion 24-bit/16-bit; saving 16-bit Image


    27 Ene 2005 ... I want to save this 16-bit image to a jpeg file. How can I do that without reimplementing a whole jpeg encoder? The JPEG decoder/encoder ...

  14. Saving Frames Of Streaming H264 Video Into JPEGs


    Nov 1, 2012 ... I have streaming H264 video that I want to create jpeg still images of ... Once I want to encode one of the frames into a JPEG, I use the UIC ...

  15. Búsqueda | Software Intel®


    Hi, I'm trying to decode a 8k x 6k JPEG in 16bits color depth and then make the color ... I'm using UIC jpeg encoder with IPP 6.x and everything is ok (and fast :) ).

  16. Jpeg U-V swapping


    27 Abr 2009 ... TheIPP jpeg decoder works very well in most cases. But whendecodingimage froma certain type of encoder, red and blue are swapped in the ...

  17. Xeon E5620 vs I5-2300


    Nov 10, 2011 ... I try to use uic JPEG codec from latest IPP 7.0.5 and obtain very good ... As far as I understood, multithreading of UIC JPEG encoder at the ...

  18. IPP v.8 vs. IPP v.7 Codec Performance


    Oct 21, 2013 ... The H.264 and MJPEG Encoder results are very disappointing so I ... you are reporting, at least for the three decoders and the JPEG encoder.

  19. Problems understanding Decode + VPP workflow for JPEG -> RGB4


    Sep 9, 2016 ... Problems understanding Decode + VPP workflow for JPEG -> RGB4 ... i.e. for encode when you're passing a new frame in to be encoded and ...

  20. The fastest way to decompress a jpeg-2000 codestream to an ...


    Dec 8, 2008 ... We don't care about encode performance (within reason), but do care ... was originally based on decode.cpp from the Intel jpeg-2000 sample.

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