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  1. JPEG Encoder and aligned width/height


    How does the JPEG encoder handle non aligned data? Specifically, I have content that is 853x420, and 720x368 and even though I set the encoding ...

  2. Faster Jpeg Encoder [UIC, IJC, Picnic]


    28 Oct 2010 ... Hi,I would need to encode JPEG Images faster than .net and other common encoders.Some basic information about the JPEG images and ...

  3. C# encoder jpeg (COM header handled properly by some viewers ...


    hi all, thanks to Albert's corrections to the encoder.cs, the ipsp sample can now save consistently jpegs ... but I have found (unfortunately) another problem.

  4. IPP sample code for JPEG encoder/decoder


    15 Jul 2009 ... Hello Ying or anybody, After I go through IPP6.1 sample code for read and display JPEG from JPEGview, I feltit is more difficultto integrate it to ...

  5. JPEG Compressor - GetVideoParam


    The following function returns 0 for the BufferSizeInKB for the JPEG Compressor - is this a bug? I set up the encodeParams for my encoder - and I set it to use the ...

  6. Using JPEG encoder with MSFT YUV types


    Sep 15, 2006 ... Hi, I'm working on extracting DIBs from Windows Media files using the WMFSDK, and trying to encode them to the jpeg format. I downloaded ...

  7. JPEG and 411 sampling


    17 Nov 2011 ... Does the IPP jpeg encoder/decoder supports 411 sampling.For instance if I decode a YUV 411 jpeg toYUV 422 nothing happens. The same ...

  8. How I to use Intel IPP JPEG Viewer Sample for Windows* ?


    May 14, 2010 ... Which Intel IPP JPEG encoder/decoder is faster than the IJL? The Intel IPP JPEG codec from the JPEGView sample is implemented for

  9. Problem with Encoding a 16 bit image to Grayscale jpeg image with ...


    7 Jul 2011 ... Hi, I am new to IPP UIC codecs. My requirement is to encode a 16 bit pixel image to grayscale jpeg format. I need to maintain high quality with ...

  10. UIC jpeg codec performance not scaling to multi core


    If I want to use the uic jpeg encoder in my system then I need to build it with gcc ( 4.4.3). ..... What maximum throughput could be achieved with IPP-7.0 JPEG ...

  11. JPEG compression in IPP 6.x vs 7.0


    7 Mar 2011 ... I'm using UIC jpeg encoder with IPP 6.x and everything is ok (and fast :) ).My CPU is Core i5-2500Today I installed IPP 7.0 trial, encoder was ...

  12. Is IJL_411 IJL_420actually? about Intel JPEG Library.


    new JPEG threading model we introduce in IPP 7.0 beta only work for JPEG files .... Hi Gaiger,. new threading model will work in both JPEG encode and decode.

  13. where is the link for IPP JPEG and IPP-UIC ?


    28 May 2015 ... Hello I want to downlad IPP based jpeg encoder/decorder sample application. Can you tell me the link (for IPP-UIC, IPP JPEG etc) so that I can ...

  14. ijl15 vs ijl20 vs IPP jpeg decode performance


    Hi, We have been using ijl15 for decoding jpeg images for quite a while. ... 2. compress it with reference JPEG encoder (you may use the original IJG cjpeg utility)

  15. Lossless JPEG & multithreading


    Mar 25, 2009 ... I'm trying to evaluate IPP to use it for lossless JPEG encoding. It seems that I would have to incorporate multithreading on my own.

  16. Conversion 24-bit/16-bit; saving 16-bit Image


    27 Ene 2005 ... I want to save this 16-bit image to a jpeg file. How can I do that without reimplementing a whole jpeg encoder? The JPEG decoder/encoder ...

  17. Saving Frames Of Streaming H264 Video Into JPEGs


    Nov 1, 2012 ... I have streaming H264 video that I want to create jpeg still images of ... Once I want to encode one of the frames into a JPEG, I use the UIC ...

  18. Problems understanding Decode + VPP workflow for JPEG -> RGB4


    Sep 9, 2016 ... 1) Is it possible to decode JPEG directly in RGB4? ..... normally (I'm using the simulated input, so I'm not sure if the encoder actually works).

  19. Compress to JPEG 411 from YUV422


    30 Mar 2005 ... I would to compress it to Jpeg YCbCr411 but IJL2 (with ipp4) and ... of JPEG convert RGB to YUV so if I give an YUV file to the encoder it will ...

  20. Buscar | Zona para desarrolladores Intel®


    Encode yuv frames ... Encoding 1080p YUV file on Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 ( intel atom . ... Using JPEG encoder with MSFT YUV types.

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