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  1. Adobe* Premiere* Plugin using Intel® Media SDK 2.0 (Archived)


    Forum for WhatIf Alpha Software project Adobe* Premiere* Pro/Premiere* Elements Encoder plug-in using Intel® Media SDK and Intel® Quick Sync Video  ...

  2. HEVC support by Intel Media SDK


    25 May 2016 ... Hi, According to Release notes Intel Media SDK supports HEVC encoding/ decoding 64/32 bit. After I downloaded a free Intel Media SDK ...

  3. AUD, SPS, PPS missing from Media SDK bit stream.


    Using the Media SDK R2 2014 with Intel video drivers, with hardware encode. I can duplicate with the standard sample_encode applications.

  4. memory leak of intel media sdk transcode


    2 Ago 2016 ... system: win8.1 x64 hardware: i5-6400 2.7GHZ HD Graphics 530 video driver: Intel Media Sdk and 265 plugin: ...

  5. Feature Supported in Intel Media SDK


    Hello All , I need to confirm whether some of the features are supported by for transcoding in Intel Media SDK: 1) Is 10 bit decoding and encoding for H264 and  ...

  6. GStreamer Media SDK plugins now availabe in 01.org!


    23 Jul 2016 ... Hi All, We have developed a set of GStreamer plugins that uses Intel Media SDK on Linux, and we'd like to share out our work here in the ...

  7. Any changes related to Media SDK in latest Intel graphics driver ...


    12 Sep 2016 ... Can someone from Intel provide any Media SDK-related release notes pertaining to the latest Intel graphics driver release? The actual release ...

  8. Weird Behavior of Media SDK VPP under Intel HD Graphics 4600


    I've been using Intel Media SDK VPP to apply some image pre-processing effect under Win32 Service (Session 0). This code works normally under Intel HD ...

  9. memcpy alternative in intel media sdk?


    28 Jul 2016 ... As far as I understand it is used internally by the SDK. Inicio ... Media SDK has functionality for copying frames, memory is optimised inside it.

  10. Media SDK installation for Ubuntu and integrating with ffmpeg problem


    I am having an i7-4770k processor and I am very much interested to use intel Media SDK on my transcoding streams using ffmpeg. I have ubuntu 12.04 and I ...

  11. HEVC for intel Media SDK client


    27 Nov 2015 ... Hi, I'm using intel Media SDK client to implement HEVC. By from SDK doc,HEVC HW is in HEVC Encode GACC package. But I can't find it in ...

  12. Intel Media SDK 2016 Installation on Centos 7.2 Kernel ...


    3 Ago 2016 ... Hello We are attempting to install Intel Media SDK 2016 on system having following detail but not supported and frequently facing error like this ...

  13. the lastest media sdk for window


    1 Sep 2015 ... how to download the lastest media sdk for window ? can you give the web link to me.

  14. Software Fallback for Linux via Media SDK?


    19 Abr 2016 ... Hello New user of Media SDK - trying to parse out available functionality on Linux . Is software fallback available for Media SDK on Linux under ...

  15. Build own kernel with Intel's Media SDK patches


    Hi, I've download and successfully run the latest Intel Media SDK 2015 R4 ( MediaServerStudioEssentialsEvaluation2015R4) on Linux server under CentOS 7 ...

  16. How to run Media SDK samples on Skylake


    Jan 26, 2016 ... We wanted to explain how one can still install the latest Media SDK 2016 package and use it on 6th generation Intel Core processor and below ...

  17. Stream desktop screen using Intel media SDK with intel atom E3825


    Hi, I am trying to stream(h264) desktop using Intel media sdk. The platform details are as below. Intel atom E3825 Windows 7 Media SDK 2016. By using sample ...

  18. how to using intel media SDK for mutiple channel of H264 video ...


    11 Nov 2015 ... recently,I learn intel basically H264 encode or decode principle. I download intel media code sample for my learn.(download ...

  19. ffmpeg and media sdk


    1 Mar 2016 ... Hardware: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5557U CPU @ 3.10GHz *** 1) I managed to complete the detailed instruction for installing intel media sdk on ...

  20. Driver support for Media SDK 2016 R2


    9 Jun 2016 ... Where can I download a driver with API 1.19 support for Skylake? The latest driver seems to have API 1.17 support only.

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