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  1. How to run Media SDK samples on Skylake


    17 Sep 2015 ... In the last few days, we have seen lot of concern for using Intel® INDE - Media SDK Client on 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors ...

  2. How to use Media SDK with V4l Linux ?


    26 Oct 2015 ... Hello, I've been evaluating media sdk , but haven't yet understand how it should be used with capture device. It seems that all examples for ...

  3. Adobe* Premiere* Plugin using Intel® Media SDK 2.0 (Archived)


    Forum for WhatIf Alpha Software project Adobe* Premiere* Pro/Premiere* Elements Encoder plug-in using Intel® Media SDK and Intel® Quick Sync Video  ...

  4. the lastest media sdk for window


    1 Sep 2015 ... how to download the lastest media sdk for window ? can you give the web link to me.

  5. Media SDK and OpenSSL


    31 Oct 2015 ... I think you are using OpenSSL verion 1.0.0e in Media SDK for mobile , this version has many vulnerabilities please see this ...

  6. Media SDK 2015r6 on i7 Skylake not working


    25 Sep 2015 ... Hi, I've followed all the steps here: https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/intel- media-sdk/topic/593838 for Windows 10 and can't get the ...

  7. dpdk & media sdk


    11 Nov 2015 ... Hello, Is there any sample which show capturing video packets from device ( ethernet, pcie, other port) ? Is it using dpdk ? or v4l ? What is the ...

  8. comparison of media sdk server editions


    13 Nov 2015 ... Hello, I have reviewed the comparison table in https://software.intel.com/en-us/ intel-media-server-studio/try-buy But I am not sure, it shows ...

  9. Does media sdk currently support 32-bit Linux?


    9 Nov 2015 ... I would like to know if there is any available version of the Intel media sdk that can be used on the 32-bit Linux platforms now. Thanks!

  10. using PCIe with media sdk


    19 Oct 2015 ... Hello, Is there any information how to capture video stream through PCIe with Media SDK? Regards, Ran.

  11. Capture Screen then do Encode continuously using Intel Media SDK


    29 Sep 2015 ... Hi , Can anybody tell me how to Capture Screen continuously and do encode it using Intel Media SDK ?

  12. How to use the Media SDK Tracer on Linux ?


    13 Oct 2015 ... Greetings, I have a question on how to use the Media SDK Tracer on Linux. All the documents and Q/A's I found so far seem to be for the ...

  13. how to using intel media SDK for mutiple channel of H264 video ...


    11 Nov 2015 ... recently,I learn intel basically H264 encode or decode principle. I download intel media code sample for my learn.(download ...

  14. intel media sdk 2015 “Generic” installation


    16 Sep 2015 ... Dear all: I'm working on video conference.recently I have purchased intel NUC5i5RYK,I want to try intel media server studio 2015 on Ubuntu, ...

  15. Media SDK API vs direct call to VA-API


    27 Sep 2015 ... HI all, I have one doubt regarding use of MEDIA SDK API and VA-API(libva). As per my basic understanding of MEDIA SDK, SDK application ...

  16. Does intel media sdk support mpeg4 codec decoding?


    20 Ago 2015 ... Hi all, I want to double-check if intel media sdk supports mpeg4 decoding, because SDK API 1.16 reference manual doesn't describe the ...

  17. [Intel Media SDK] H.264 Decoder SyncOperation Failure


    20 Ago 2015 ... Hi, We are facing one issue with Intel Media SDK H.264 SW decoder (V1.15, CentOS). Normally IMSDK H.264 SW decoder is running fine.

  18. Problem while transcoding 1080p stream using Intel Media SDK


    Problem while transcoding 1080p stream using Intel Media SDK. Minoli S. Vie, 23/10/2015 - 02:54. Hello,. I have installed Intel Integrated Native Developer ...

  19. Build own kernel with Intel's Media SDK patches


    Hi, I've download and successfully run the latest Intel Media SDK 2015 R4 ( MediaServerStudioEssentialsEvaluation2015R4) on Linux server under CentOS 7 ...

  20. Media SDK Sample Encode is not working on Intel NUC ...


    16 Sep 2015 ... HI All, I am beginner in Intel media SDK. I am trying to run sample examples given in this ...

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