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  1. Adobe* Premiere* Plugin using Intel® Media SDK 2.0 (Archived)


    Forum for WhatIf Alpha Software project Adobe* Premiere* Pro/Premiere* Elements Encoder plug-in using Intel® Media SDK and Intel® Quick Sync Video  ...

  2. Technical Articles on trending topics of Intel® Media SDK


    6 Oct 2016 ... This page contains links to the technical articles written on some of the important topics in Media SDK. The topics chosen are reflective of the ...

  3. Intel Media SDK


    19 Dic 2016 ... When is Intel going to update for a new Media SDK? The current is over 6 months old.

  4. Install Media SDK error


    24 Nov 2016 ... when i try to install Media SDK 2016,there is an error. system is Centos 7.1 ./ build_kernel_rpm_CentOS.sh Building target platforms: x86_64 ...

  5. Media SDK on Ubuntu 16.04 failure: missing igfx_registry.txt?


    10 Nov 2016 ... Installation follows the pattern described in this thread:https://software.intel.com/ en-us/forums/intel-media-sdk/topic/691360 Outputs from all ...

  6. Intel Media SDK and quick sync


    27 Ene 2017 ... Whether it is possible to virtualize quick sync in VMvare products or docker containers? Preferable Windows, but possible Linux(FreeBSD) too.

  7. HEVC support by Intel Media SDK


    25 May 2016 ... Hi, According to Release notes Intel Media SDK supports HEVC encoding/ decoding 64/32 bit. After I downloaded a free Intel Media SDK ...

  8. Pentium G4560 media sdk?


    10 Feb 2017 ... hey, is my cpu not supported for qsv? in the system specs on intel site they write qsv - yes .. ? root@ubuntu:~# python sys_analyzer_linux\ 2.py ...

  9. which media sdk recommended for encoding


    23 Nov 2016 ... which media sdk recommended for encoding 8 SDI video HD sources simultaneously with better performance quality CBR and low latency ...

  10. Announcing the release Intel® Media SDK for Embedded Linux


    13 Mar 2017 ... We are proud to announce the release of Intel® Media SDK for Embedded Linux. The release is fully supported on the Intel® ApolloLake ...

  11. dose media sdk have c sample codes?


    10 Feb 2017 ... Hi Ed,. You can download the sample code from the following site: https:// software.intel.com/en-us/media-sdk-support/code-samples.

  12. Media SDK JPEG Memory Leak


    29 Oct 2016 ... Hi, I'm running a fairly simple transcode which is showing a memory leak when encoding JPEGs with driver version on Windows ...

  13. ffmpeg and media sdk


    1 Mar 2016 ... Hardware: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5557U CPU @ 3.10GHz *** 1) I managed to complete the detailed instruction for installing intel media sdk on ...

  14. GStreamer Media SDK plugins now availabe in 01.org!


    Jul 23, 2016 ... Hi All, We have developed a set of GStreamer plugins that uses Intel Media SDK on Linux, and we'd like to share out our work here in the ...

  15. Media SDK Vs Media Server Studio on Windows Server 2012


    18 Nov 2016 ... I'm currently using Media SDK (software processing) to transcode 24 streams to H264 on a Windows Server 2012 machine using a ...

  16. When installing MediaSDK in Apollolake - i, there is no ...


    19 Dic 2016 ... MediaSDK is being installed by making reference to the " mediasdk_getting_started_guide.pdf" included in MediaSDK_Kit. But, a file of the  ...

  17. is media sdk thread-safe?


    7 Mar 2017 ... Hi, Can we operate multiple sessions concurrently?

  18. Error in old Media SDK with latest available drivers


    Error in old Media SDK with latest available drivers. Joerg R. Jue, 15/12/2016 - 05:08. Hi,. We developed a plugin for our software products (OS: Windows) ...

  19. [Intel Media SDK] H.264 Decoder SyncOperation Failure


    20 Ago 2015 ... Hi, We are facing one issue with Intel Media SDK H.264 SW decoder (V1.15, CentOS). Normally IMSDK H.264 SW decoder is running fine.

  20. Whether Intel Media SDK could be implemented on virtual machine


    22 Nov 2016 ... Whether Intel Media SDK could be implemented on virtual machine (VMWare Workstation 12.5.2) win 7 x64?

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