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  1. Error with MKL and GAMESS


    Mar 22, 2016 ... Hello guys! I've been trying to install GAMESS software and I'm mired on a particular step. I'm using the official guide provided with the software ...

  2. Undefined references to mkl objects


    12 Feb 2017 ... I'm attempting to compile OpenCV with Intel MKL 2017.0 on Ubuntu 16.04.1 with , but I keep running up against the following errors at compile ...

  3. Building GNU Octave 4.2.0 with MKL


    23 Nov 2016 ... I spent the day trying to build the current stable release of GNU Octave, version 4.2.0. I tried to follow "Using Intel MKL in GNU Octave", but I ...

  4. Problem linking against MKL (RuntimeLibrary: MT_StaticRelease vs ...


    16 Dic 2016 ... I'm trying to link the microsoft (VS2013) port for the caffe deep learning framework against MKL instead of the default OpenBlas library.

  5. standalone KNL + MKL


    30 Nov 2016 ... I've just got a KNL 7250, and I'm testing MKL perf on it. MKL lib has 3 versions( IA32, intel64, mic), I know to use MKL on Xeon Phi coprocessor, ...

  6. MKL licence for cloud machines?


    7 Mar 2017 ... We are a small company that has recently moved to using MKL for some of our core technologies. We use Amazon EC2 for both deployment ...

  7. How do I link to the MKL with Visual Studio 2013 ?


    14 Dic 2016 ... with the older VS 2010, we just had to say "use MKL" (parallel or whatever) under Fortran > libraries, that was in the Project Properties menu.

  8. Parallel Studio 2017 Update 2 breaks MKL auto linking in Studio


    23 Feb 2017 ... Automatic linking (in Visual Studio 2015 )of MKL is broken in Update 2. Previously if you selected MKL in Intel Performance Libraries the linker ...

  9. Need older version of MKL


    20 Dic 2016 ... I need to download an earlier version of MKL, version 11.0 or earlier, because I need Windows XP support. How do I go about doing this?

  10. GAMESS(US), ifort and MKL on Mac issue


    19 Feb 2017 ... Hello. To maximally optimize performance of quantum chemistry calculations I decided to compile GAMESS(US) using Intel toolchain and MKL ...

  11. installing MKL C++ components seems to break VS 2015 integration


    23 Feb 2017 ... Hi, I installed PSXE 2017 update 2 today and in the customized installation section I added the C++ components of MKL (IA32, x64) for different ...

  12. Intel® MKL 11.3.3 patch


    2 Jul 2016 ... There are two listed below limitations with Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL ) 11.3 Update 3 which were discovered recently. The official ...

  13. Como puedo instalar MKL en mi windows, pero usarlo con el bash ...


    20 Feb 2017 ... En estos momentos me encuentro necesitando de las libreria mkl, pero al momento de instalar me da un error, nosé si es porque la descargue ...

  14. Deep Neural Network extensions for Intel MKL


    Deep Neural Network extensions for Intel MKL. Gennady F. (Intel). Mar, 22/12/ 2015 - 10:15. Deep neural network (DNN) applications grow in importance in ...

  15. How to use CAO mode (Compiler Assisted Offload) of MKL


    23 Dic 2016 ... Hello everyone I want use the CAO mode of MKL. I writed a sample code , # pragma offload target(mic) \ in(n, alpha, incx, incy) \ in(x:length(n)) ...

  16. MKL compiled into R / License question


    2 Feb 2017 ... My company offers an analytics environment commercially. I have determined that R compiled with MKL runs quicker than other Blas options.

  17. [Solved] I can't install Intel MKL 2017 (only library without Composer ...


    4 Oct 2016 ... [Solved] I can't install Intel MKL 2017 (only library without Composer) because it doesn't work the active license.

  18. Upgrading MKL completely trashed Visual Studio 15


    22 Feb 2017 ... I updated the MKL toolkit today to 2017 Update 1 (even though I had just installed it yesterday --, for whatever reason, the intel manager thought ...

  19. Intel Fortran and MKL: How to include lapack.f90 and mkl.fi


    25 Nov 2016 ... I need to use a subroutine from MKL LAPACK in my program. I was reading that, in orden to use that subroutine in my program, I need to ...

  20. MKL summary statistics error


    MKL summary statistics error. Chen, Jun. Dom, 18/12/2016 - 04:46. I try to compute the mean of an array by the summary statistics function, I am following the ...

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