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  1. Dynamic Loading Issues With MKL From SWIG Module in Python


    May 4, 2016 ... Note that the MKL linking options are precisely as recommended by the MKL link line advisor tool. With the exception of a warning about a ...

  2. Error compiling sample FFT


    29 Nov 2016 ... I want to use the intel MKL FFT library in Fortran 95. I am working with the eclipse ... Intel(R) Math Kernel Library (Intel(R) MKL) Link Tool v4.3

  3. Compiling R 3.0.2 with MKL


    Feb 27, 2014 ... I'm not sure if R compiled correctly with MKL: When I do ldd on R I don't see any ... Intel(R) Math Kernel Library (Intel(R) MKL) Link Tool v4.0

  4. Error with MKL and GAMESS


    Mar 22, 2016 ... lked gamess 01 >& lked.log & This should produce the executable image ' gamess.01.x' (link), but instead I received this message:

  5. How do I link to the MKL with Visual Studio 2013 ?


    14 Dic 2016 ... I would use NMAKE, or some other such tool, if it weren't such a ... Step 4: How to link to Intel® MKL in your project manually (Optional).

  6. static linking of multi-threaded MKL, OMP: Error #18


    6 May 2012 ... static linking of multi-threaded MKL, OMP: Error #18 .... model in the link advisor tool posted at the top of this forum and in your MKL installation.

  7. getting error mkl_types.h: No such file or directory;


    21 Jul 2014 ... hi, i'm a biginner of intel mkl as I tried to comile .c file with gcc i fot the ... A convenient tool to help you with these options is the MKL Link Line ...

  8. MKL with MinGW64 compiler


    13 Jun 2012 ... Hi,I'm currently evaluating MKL for usage in a MinGW (64 bit) ... to link a small program against MKL (following the link line advisor tool on this ...

  9. After update to MKL 10.2, code chrashes with undefined symbol ...


    Jun 29, 2009 ... Also, the link http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-mkl-link-line-advisor/ contains Link Line Advisor whichis auseful tool to determine MKL ...

  10. how to link with intel mkl blas


    15 Abr 2012 ... Is that possible to link only Intel MKL Blas for my specific application? ... Using MKL custom builder tool you can create one dynamic library with ...

  11. Undefined reference


    28 Abr 2009 ... /opt/intel/Compiler/11.0/081/mkl/lib/em64t/libmkl_lapack.so: .... There is a new MKL link line advisor tool available in MKL KB located here

  12. catastrophic error: cannot open source file "mkl.h"


    15 Nov 2010 ... Also, $(IFortInstallDir)mkl\\include has been added to Parallel ... Intel Debugging, c/c++, Linker, Manifest Tool, Browse Information, Build Events ...

  13. ifort lapack eclipse


    Mar 16, 2011 ... In Photran, the Intel Fortran tool chain is represented as two steps, a compile step and a link step. If you add '-mkl' to your compile step in the ...

  14. Statically linking MKL libary and IPP library in same project


    24 Sep 2012 ... Statically linking MKL libary and IPP library in same project .... for example, C:\ Program Files (x86)\Intel\Composer XE 2013\mkl\tools\builder.

  15. linking problem with mkl on Snow Leopard


    Oct 20, 2009 ... I am trying to link a program using mkl with ifort on snow leopard to enable use of ... Also Link Line Advisor tool may be very hepful for you.

  16. see lots of warnings when compile Lib with MKL used


    1 Jun 2015 ... Hi, I recently create and build a lib on window host with mkl lib function ... symbols, so it will not be used by any link operation that consumes this library ... That is why MKL provide custom build tool under Intel\Composer XE ...

  17. MKL might not support my platform!!


    22 Dic 2015 ... Hi I installed Fupermod software framwork with MKL it installed ... mpirun -np 6 - machinefile machinefile ~/build_fupermod/mkl/tools/builder -l ... Here you can see with simple c program, I also checked linking it has no issue.

  18. Using MKL libs in Octave to run on Xeon PHI


    9 Jul 2013 ... ... to compile and link mkl libs with Octave. ... Using micsmc tool, we can see that no coprocessor core it's working, so the automatic offload isn't ...

  19. Statically linking Intel MP Linpack on Linux: multiple definition of ...


    26 Abr 2011 ... I use recent MKL set, latest Intel MPI library and latest Intel Compiler. ... static (I want some flavour of PIN-based tool to be incorporated into the ...

  20. Cluster FFT problem


    30 Sep 2009 ... As I understand it, an installation of Intel MPI (e.g. Cluster Tools Compiler Edition) , using the ... We 'd recommend to use MKL Linker Adviser ...

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