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  1. Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.3 Update 4 is now available


    May 2, 2016 ... Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) is a highly optimized, extensively threaded, ... 10000 elements); Added mkl_progress support in Parallel Direct sparse solver for Clusters and fixed mkl_progress in Intel MKL PARDISO.

  2. Inner boundary condition setting for solving the Poisson equation


    Apr 6, 2014 ... The Pardiso functionality is just direct solver that used system of linear .... PARDISO is the PARallel DIrect sparse SOlver that exist in the MKL.

  3. Example for Sparse Symmetric Linear Systems.


    24 Sep 2008 ... Hi, I am new in MKL and i would like to compile & run example of sparse solver using PARDISO direct solver. ... Compiler Version 9.1.xxxx.xxxx and Intel Math Karlen Library 10.0, so I linked all necessary Include Files: ".

  4. performance of MKL pardiso


    Oct 12, 2011 ... I have a large sparse system with nonlinear equations. I use in-core PARDISO, direct solver of MKL 10.3 (evaluation version), ... Inicio › Foros › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Math Kernel Library ... You should link with libmkl_intel_thread library for this, please refer to MKl link line adviser:

  5. PARDISO Scalability


    13 Ago 2014 ... Hi, I have a question about scalability of the PARDISO solver. I'm using Intel MKL PARDISO with my Finite Element code. ... ://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel- math-kernel-library-parallel-direct-sparse-solver-for-clusters.

  6. Announcing Intel MKL 2017 release


    Sep 7, 2016 ... Check out the new and the latest Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 2017 release! What's new in Intel MKL ... Intel MKL PARDISO: Improved ... Added support for mkl_progress in Parallel Direct Sparse Solver for Clusters.

  7. Intel® Math Kernel Library 2017 Update 1 is now available


    Nov 1, 2016 ... Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) is a highly optimized, extensively threaded, and thread-safe library of ... Intel MKL PARDISO: Improved ... Added support for mkl_progress in Parallel Direct Sparse Solver for Clusters.

  8. Intel MKL PARDISO seg. faults within MPI codes


    Mar 6, 2013 ... Intel MKL PARDISO seg. faults within MPI codes ... my MPI codes are linked with Intel MKL, and intensively use PARDISO sparse direct solver. ..... Intel(R) Math Kernel Library Version 11.0.1 Product Build 20121009 for ...



    21 Abr 2015 ... Hi, I am trying to solve a relatively large system (100.000 equations) using either Pardiso or CG. ... In few words Pardiso is direct solver otherwise CG is iterative. ... Execution time of MKL pardiso slightly depend on condition number that ... /intel- math-kernel-library-inspector-executor-sparse-blas-routines).

  10. example code of Direct Sparse Solver (DSS) Interface gives wrong ...


    Dec 15, 2014 ... Inicio › Foros › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Math Kernel Library ... example code of Direct Sparse Solver (DSS) Interface gives wrong result ... dss_sym_f90.f90 and compiled it as ifort dss_sym_f90.f90 -o test-dss - mkl. .... You can then define the sparse matrix pattern, and call Pardiso to do ...

  11. PARDISO results are not identical as repeatly run


    Apr 23, 2010 ... Dear all,I am using PARDISO solver of mkl 10.0. ... www.pardiso-project.org is the only parallel sparse direct solver that .... Estimation of computer operations based of math estimation of corresponding operators ... Its not a nice restriction to have, especially for a numerical library, but at least I understand ...

  12. linking pardiso


    Jan 12, 2016 ... solver = 10 ! use sparse direct method .... to make the calls MKL-compatible, or use it as is but link with the Pardiso library from that site. Inicio.

  13. Pardiso vs. MATLAB backslash comparison and fast forward ...


    May 10, 2011 ... I have a 143748 X 143748 sparse matrix that I would like to solve with Pardiso. ... On this system MATLAB backslash beats pardiso by a factor of 2-3. ... I used boost::timer class for timings, are there any functions to time in MKL by the way? ... Time spent in direct solver at solve step (solve) : 0.227055 s

  14. DSS - Memory problem


    8 Ago 2012 ... Hello thereI tried solving Ax = b with A being a symmetric matrix of size N =5 ... Inicio › Foros › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Math Kernel Library ... For the sparse matrix, after the LU factorization, in many cases, ... for this question : for DSS and pardiso in MKL, it is is a direct solver and it ...

  15. Slow Reordering in Pardiso


    Dec 27, 2012 ... Hello,I am implementing Pardiso(direct and hybrid CGS) in legacy code to speedup. The setup is ... iparm(1) = 1 ! no solver default iparm(2) = 3 ...

  16. PARDISO crashes randomly with different messages


    Dec 22, 2013 ... ... calls PARDISO several times to solve a large sparse matrix (different on each call). ... -r8 -debug -fp-model strict -auto -module $(OBJDIR) -I$(MKL)/include. ... Inicio › Foros › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Math Kernel Library .... < Parallel Direct Factorization with number of processors: > 8

  17. Brief question on ILU and OpenMP


    8 Sep 2010 ... i am writing here to ask about the MKL implementation of the ILU0 ... i am asking as the parallelization of the iterative solvers is not ... works very nicely and is very fast ... but it is a DIRECT SOLVER!! ... Riccardo, how about out-of-core version of PARDISO? usage of this mode allow to solve the real big task.

  18. Problem using DSS


    11 Abr 2014 ... I'm taking my first steps at MKL and after installation and linking libraries (I have Ubuntu 12.04, 64-bit) I tried to modify the direct solver dss_sym_c.c so that I could solve my sparse symmetric ... 003, #include<math.h> ..... DSS interface dosn't provide Matrix Checker functionality. see Pardiso ipatm(27).

  19. Help with this Paradiso Example Please


    Nov 16, 2005 ... I am able tu run the Paradiso Example Sparse Direct.cpp. Then I proceeded ... Allocate storage for the solver handle and the right-hand side. */.

  20. Pardiso_64 crashes on big problems


    Mar 22, 2011 ... I'm using Pardiso_64 to solve a non-structured finite element problem. ... the finite element problem generates a sparse matrix of 10.8 million of rows and ... -of-the- pardiso-solver-is-now-available/We switch to MKL Pardiso because the .... 06, IPARM[3] = 0; /* No iterative-direct (Krylov-Subspace) algorithm */ ...

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