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  1. Unsupported OS issue w/IPP installation.


    16 Ago 2011 ... Try to install IPP library in a centOS v6.0 Linux system running on a Penryn Core-2 Dual, 64 bit mode, single board system.

  2. Getting stuck in ...


    May 3, 2016 ... SSE3 Prescott. u8. Supplemental SSE3 Core 2, Xeon® 5100, Atom. y8. SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AES-NI Penryn, Nehalem, Westmere see notes below.

  3. sse4.2 instructions


    ... and your existing code calling string and memory functions of Glibc 2.11 will execute using SIMD code on Nehalem, Penryn, Merom based processors.

  4. double loop optim


    I'm curious if Penryn SSE4 Dotproduct instructions could bring any benefit here? ... On Penryn, optimized SSE2 dot product code may be best for long loops.

  5. Processor support


    Normally it schould use the p8 functions because whenI call ippGetCpuType()I get 23 (Penryn). I linked to my driver the e-merged, the merged and the core libs  ...

  6. vdExp 32 bit vs 64 bit different results


    18 May 2016 ... I see different result on Penryn processors: input = 0.027771918023383080 = 0x3f9c703ddea16800 result = 1.028161152648229937 = ...

  7. Zero CPU time when collecting stacks and context switches


    3 Feb 2014 ... You seem to have old CPU based on "Penryn" micro architecture. These CPUs have problem with PMU event "CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.

  8. rdtscl measures less clock cycles on AMD


    1 Dic 2008 ... The first Intel CPUs with comparable overhead (in terms of FSB clock ticks) were in the Penryn family, thus relatively recent. Inicio. Regresar a ...

  9. Updated Intel® Software Development Emulator


    20 Jul 2014 ... 04, -pnr Set chip-check and CPUID for Penryn. 05, -nhm Set chip-check and CPUID for Nehalem. 06, -wsm Set chip-check and CPUID for ...

  10. popcnt latency/throughput in 64bits


    15 Jun 2010 ... http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/45nm-next-generation-intel-coret-2- processor-family-penryn-and-intel-streaming-simd-extensions-4-intel ...

  11. Which SDK (IA32 / IA64) for building subippi 64bits (used to run on ...


    20 Oct 2009 ... p8 - New Optimizations for 32-bit applications on 45nm Intel Core2 Duo (Penryn) family processors and Intel Core i7 processors s8 - New ...

  12. Optimization Flags for ifort 9


    This could be the 65nm Merom/Conroe/Woodcrest family of processors, introduced in 2006, or the new 45nm Penryn family (which has additional names for ...

  13. Installing software targeted for a particular cpu group


    Installer will not recognize newly released CPUs until the installer is updated; If a user upgrades his CPU (for example Core 2 Duo to Penryn which is a drop-in ...

  14. ippStaticInit and ippGetCpuType fails to detect correct CPU


    Aug 25, 2010 ... I tried the 64f versions of the functions and they produce the correct result while still using ippStaticInit (which select Penryn).Thanks for the help ...

  15. ICC 11.0.26 - why this code won't vectorize?


    By the way, no language or compiler rule can justify using 2.44 MB of RAM thus trashing almost whole Penryn L2 cache when 1.22 MB is enough to hold the ...

  16. SSE vs AVX optimized code generation


    ... shown are for 5000x32 iterations. ================================== =============== Xeon Harpertown Penryn @ 2.8GHz (Mac Pro early 2008)

  17. Two bad optimization problems with SSE


    Same result. I've run the test on a Pentium M and on a Core 2 Duo Penryn. My general problem is that I simply cannot have a class like this: struct float4 { union

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