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  1. 10.1.014 worse code performance than MSVC2005


    12 Feb 2008 ... For me, your code works fine with ICC 10.1.014 on my Penryn CPU ... on Penryn than the code generated for Pentium III or even Opteron.

  2. Español


    Oct 11, 2011 ... penryn and gfortran, gfortran and pgf95 yield the expected result for sum_b from the second, zero-trip loop. ifort gives some bogus value. I

  3. _mm_extract_epi32: Invalid opcode


    16 Feb 2011 ... Merom processors don't support any SSE4 instructions, although Core 2 Duo Penryn family CPUs (introduced since 2008) do support them.

  4. GFLOPS numbers advertised by Intel


    I believe this is true of the Penryn peak performance, as well as Core I7. ... akacore codenames 'Merom'/'Conroe' as well as45-nm aka core codename ' Penryn'), ...

  5. Zero CPU time when collecting stacks and context switches


    3 Feb 2014 ... You seem to have old CPU based on "Penryn" micro architecture. These CPUs have problem with PMU event "CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.

  6. andps vs. andpd vs. pand


    19 Sep 2008 ... Note that a very similar situation applies to super shuffler operation on Penryn. At this point you might be wondering why we have the ...

  7. Optimization Flags for ifort 9


    This could be the 65nm Merom/Conroe/Woodcrest family of processors, introduced in 2006, or the new 45nm Penryn family (which has additional names for ...

  8. SSE 4.1 instructions - DPPS/EXTRACTPS


    Much as ad writers love to getpaid forwriting about new instructions, more significant performance improvements of Penryn CPUs are realized in SSE2 code, ...

  9. SSE vs AVX optimized code generation


    ... shown are for 5000x32 iterations. ================================== =============== Xeon Harpertown Penryn @ 2.8GHz (Mac Pro early 2008)

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