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  1. GFLOPS numbers advertised by Intel


    Jan 30, 2010 ... I believe this is true of the Penryn peak performance, as well as Core I7. My Core 2 duo isn't capable of issuing multiply and add on the same ...

  2. SSE 4.2 on which processors?


    31 Jul 2008 ... Thanks Tim. Am I right in assuming that: The code name for the current 45nm processors is Penryn; That of the next generation 45nm ...

  3. Sandybridge processors report incorrect core number?


    29 Dic 2012 ... On my primary test platform, an Intel Pentium T4500 (Penryn), it reports the core number correctly, as shown below: However, on a separate ...

  4. Idea for a new SIMD instruction


    Jan 5, 2007 ... I thought it out thoroughly and I was hoping that it could be added to the list of Penryn SSE4 extensions, or at least for Nehalem if Penryn is ...

  5. Reduction on zero-trip loop, error in Intel Fortran/OpenMP ...


    Oct 11, 2011 ... penryn and gfortran, gfortran and pgf95 yield the expected result for sum_b from the second, zero-trip loop. ifort gives some bogus value. I

  6. Getting stuck in ...


    May 2, 2016 ... Penryn, Nehalem, Westmere see notes below. g9. AVX Sandy Bridge µarchitecture new since IPP v.6.1. h9. AVX2 Haswell µarchitecture.

  7. popcnt latency/throughput in 64bits


    15 Jun 2010 ... http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/45nm-next-generation-intel-coret-2- processor-family-penryn-and-intel-streaming-simd-extensions-4-intel ...

  8. compiler support for Core i7


    Mar 5, 2009 ... ... point that -xsse4.2 isn't required to gain a performance advantage from Core i7, so all the really useful features work on the Penryn CPUs.

  9. FFT and AVX cpu - different results on 64-bit platform


    10 Mar 2014 ... When I built this program on 32-bit platform destPenryn and destAVX were exactly the same (ippi versions respectively p8 for Penryn and g9 for ...

  10. andps vs. andpd vs. pand


    Sep 19, 2008 ... Note that a very similar situation applies to super shuffler operation on Penryn. At this point you might be wondering why we have the ...

  11. counting core cycle


    Oct 24, 2008 ... Only on Penryn and i7 (and AMD64 CPU) models does the rdtsc give results accurate to within a very few baseline cycles, which translates to ...

  12. SSE vs AVX optimized code generation


    Sep 3, 2012 ... Hi all, Have been using templates to write efficient, natural-looking maths that can be compiled against a variety of instruction sets and word ...

  13. Two bad optimization problems with SSE


    Mar 26, 2008 ... I've run the test on a Pentium M and on a Core 2 Duo Penryn. My general problem is that I simply cannot have a class like this: struct float4

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