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  1. crc32 emulation support


    25 May 2008 ... I tried using the sse4emu.dll from the Penryn SDK but crc32 doesn't appear ... Yes, I understand the Penryn emulator doesn't support SSE 4.2.

  2. GFLOPS numbers advertised by Intel


    Jan 30, 2010 ... I believe this is true of the Penryn peak performance, as well as Core I7. ... ' Merom'/'Conroe' as well as45-nm aka core codename 'Penryn'), ...

  3. SSE 4.2 on which processors?


    31 Jul 2008 ... The code name for the current 45nm processors is Penryn; That of the ... is Nehalem; SSE 4.2 is available only on Nehalem and not on Penryn.

  4. Build with Intel Compiler 11.0 a low-level project which doesn't and ...


    Feb 6, 2009 ... If I specify that I want the code for Penryn CPU (-QxS) why the ... couldn't pull in just the dispatched functions for the Penryn code path instead of ...

  5. Intel SIMD - Processor Roadmap


    Jul 21, 2009 ... To add to the table above, the best known of the Penryn CPUs was Harpertown; the Woodcrest was the first widely produced CPU in Core 2 ...

  6. Snow Leopard + MKL 10.2 update 2 breaks working PARDISO code


    Sep 24, 2009 ... I work on two machines, a Penryn macbook pro and a Nehalem 8 core mac pro. After upgrading both to Snow Leopard and installing the ...

  7. Unsupported OS issue w/IPP installation.


    16 Ago 2011 ... Try to install IPP library in a centOS v6.0 Linux system running on a Penryn Core-2 Dual, 64 bit mode, single board system.

  8. Getting stuck in ...


    May 2, 2016 ... SSE3 Prescott. u8. Supplemental SSE3 Core 2, Xeon® 5100, Atom. y8. SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AES-NI Penryn, Nehalem, Westmere see notes below.

  9. ipp- v8 slower than t7 and w7 for ...


    Oct 28, 2009 ... As for NT loads as suggested above, I don't think it has been implemented until Penryn, and, even in this case, it wouldn't work with RAM which ...

  10. double loop optim


    Nov 8, 2007 ... I'm curious if Penryn SSE4 Dotproduct instructions could bring any ... On Penryn, optimized SSE2 dot product code may be best for long loops.

  11. Processor support


    Feb 23, 2009 ... Normally it schould use the p8 functions because whenI call ippGetCpuType()I get 23 (Penryn). I linked to my driver the e-merged, the merged ...

  12. Zero CPU time when collecting stacks and context switches


    3 Feb 2014 ... You seem to have old CPU based on "Penryn" micro architecture. These CPUs have problem with PMU event "CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.

  13. popcnt latency/throughput in 64bits


    15 Jun 2010 ... http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/45nm-next-generation-intel-coret-2- processor-family-penryn-and-intel-streaming-simd-extensions-4-intel ...

  14. compiler support for Core i7


    Mar 5, 2009 ... ... point that -xsse4.2 isn't required to gain a performance advantage from Core i7, so all the really useful features work on the Penryn CPUs.

  15. Optimization Flags for ifort 9


    Dec 24, 2007 ... This could be the 65nm Merom/Conroe/Woodcrest family of processors, introduced in 2006, or the new 45nm Penryn family (which has ...

  16. How to find different Intel Xeon processor's P-states?


    1 May 2013 ... No one is going to notice since there's no one using it. (Letting a Penryn run at full bore when idle is like driving in circles very fast; all you're ...

  17. andps vs. andpd vs. pand


    Sep 19, 2008 ... Note that a very similar situation applies to super shuffler operation on Penryn. At this point you might be wondering why we have the ...

  18. SSE 4.1 instructions - DPPS/EXTRACTPS


    Jul 6, 2008 ... Much as ad writers love to getpaid forwriting about new instructions, more significant performance improvements of Penryn CPUs are realized ...

  19. Instruction execution on the Core processor


    Jun 26, 2007 ... Those situations (see item 3 above) are improved significantly in the 45nm processor generation based on Penryn with a 128-bit shuffle unit. ==.

  20. ICC 11.0.26 - why this code won't vectorize?


    Jul 2, 2008 ... By the way, no language or compiler rule can justify using 2.44 MB of RAM thus trashing almost whole Penryn L2 cache when 1.22 MB is ...

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