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  1. dv9500t and 965GM/X3100


    31 May 2007 ... can that driver play DVD at all? I tried to install the 945 driver from DV9000t but it won't allow me to install, should be some validation checking ...

  2. HD DVD/Blu-ray playback with G965/X3000 graphics... is it possible?


    30 Abr 2007 ... All works fine except HD DVD/Blu-ray playback. ... Easy DVD Player can play BD and HD DVD very well and you can download it and just have ...

  3. MPEG2 file encode with Hardwre base IQSV Encoder not play ...


    2 Ene 2014 ... But recorded Mpeg file is not properly play in Windows Media player and in ... doing Hardware based Mpeg (Mpeg2 DVD) and H264 Encoding.

  4. Xvid on Galaxy Note 2 playing tips- Reformat Xvid AVI movie to ...


    Apr 8, 2015 ... What makes it weird is the video that can't be played are .avi files. ... Enable DVD movies playable on Galaxy Note 2(II) in full screen. Play MTS ...

  5. Advice on working Intel Fortran Compiler and Visual Studio ...


    16 Ene 2014 ... But I have realized that Intel and Microsoft don't always play well ... I am not doing this properly and I should burn the iso on dvd and point to the ...

  6. I3 + H55 Chipset, Intel GMA HD, screen flick on 1920x1200, really ...


    Apr 4, 2010 ... With certain DVD's it has image corruption issues under Windows Media ... is ready to play(class selection screen), it takes 2:50(mins:seconds).

  7. H.264 - B-Frames cause hiccups, only with HW encoding


    The results are:1) VLC: plays sw.h264 with stutter, doesn't play hw.h264 due to not found ... 3) DShow Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder plays both correctly

  8. OS Installation is possible thru AMT ?


    Nov 29, 2007 ... Now the bad part, I have tried rederecting cd with SOL to a dvd ... right because i never have enough time to play with those computers and it is ...

  9. IEGD - 945GC - 15.7KHz Hsync - SVideo Extended Desktop - and ...


    Feb 19, 2009 ... ... a CarPC, to negate the cost of a custom install DVD playback system. .... try to play a movie on the second pipe it probably wont play to good

  10. Beta 5 H.264 Encoder Memory Leak


    video source - avi decompress - h264 encoder - dvd decoder - evr ..... see memory build up after several first play-stop's but it quickly stabilizes, so it's not a leak.

  11. Not so good colors while doing YUV420 to RGB conversion


    18 Ago 2010 ... Unfortunately, when I play that AVI in any other player, image is a bit ... it is actually a video sample pushed from a Microsoft DTV-DVD decoder.

  12. Media SDK decode error by Hardware


    The addachment file is by test movie(raw h264), you could play the movie by any player which support h264. But I found ... Mpeg PS stream (VCD/SVCD/DVD).

  13. GMA X3100 - Is it worth it?


    if anyone really wants to play some games, stay away from any intel graphics. not only games ... as long as u watch dvd, internet, photoshop, stay with the intel.

  14. ialmrnt5 driver error


    If i play WoW for like 2-5 mins, my pc will shut itself off and the blue screen of ...... I ripped 2 movies to DVD, played 3 tables of online poker at the same time and I ...

  15. Driver for GMA X3000 (HW T&L)


    I fell for the hype and thought it would be able to play modern games. Now having ... might consider to be higher value items (like HW T&L and HD DVD/Blu- ray).

  16. Media SDK Mpeg 2 dshow filter sample decoder with not standard ...


    3 May 2011 ... dwPictAspectRatioy = 1) also others mpeg2 decoders ( like Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder ) works ok. ... Play graph. You should see video ...

  17. Issue with IDER with AMT 6.1.1 version


    10 May 2012 ... A CD? A DVD? Which OS is on your boot image? And are your boot options ... If not, there is a device setting in the DTK - maybe play with that?

  18. Intel 82852/82855 still insufficient 1920x1200


    Ubuntu has a Live DVD and if you connect the monitor it should work fine. ... If you're geek you might play with reduced blanking / GTF blanking in Linux ...

  19. [GraphStudio/GraphStudioNext] DirectShow Filters - H.264 Decoder ...


    Nov 19, 2012 ... The video plays as expected. ... H.264 Encoder -> Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder -> Video Renderer (default Microsoft); We can now see ...

  20. Buscar | Software Intel®


    I have been experiencing persistent problems with my system (DVD drives not working ... Hi, I was trying the cordova media plugin to play sound on intel xdk and ...

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