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  1. Possible XED Decode Bug (from Pin rev 65163)


    22 Ago 2014 ... The problem appears to be that XED will more than one REX prefix and generate an instruction. For example: 41-40-26-E8-77-70-C5-A2

  2. Buscar | Zona para desarrolladores Intel® - Intel® Software


    Intel® AVX introduces a new prefix, referred to as VEX, in the Intel® 64 and ... of REX prefix functionality. compaction of SIMD prefix functionality and escape byte  ...

  3. question on avx instruction encoding


    Jan 1, 2010 ... so any instruction that can be encoded with a two byte vex prefix can be encoded with a ... In SSE, the 4th bit came from the REX prefix fields.

  4. The structure of ModR/M byte - Intel® Developer Zone


    17 Ago 2010 ... ... in 64-bit mode because the opcodes are treated as REX prefixes. ... as REX prefix, but you can still use the 2nd form to encode inc/dec. Inicio.

  5. Developer's manual: 0x66 0xF2 instruction prefixes


    Dec 27, 2013 ... 36H—SS segment override prefix (use with any branch instruction is reserved) ... (exception to this is discussed in Section 2.2.1, “REX Prefixes”).

  6. Branch instructions in 64 bit mode


    3 Ago 2010 ... These instructions update the 64-bit RIP without the need for a REX operand-size prefix.The following aspects of near branches are controlled ...

  7. Behavior of IMUL regarding SF - Intel® Developer Zone


    27 Abr 2015 ... My program uses the second form (48 0f af c1, 48 being the REX.W prefix). I know that the one-operand form places its result in D and A and ...

  8. TBB + valgrind - Intel® Software


    11 Sep 2007 ... It couldn't parse an opcode, which on examination proved to be a locked compare-exchange byte instruction with a REX (x86_64) prefix, ...

  9. give me a hint,


    Feb 26, 2009 ... In general terms the instruction sequence is: (optional 0 or more prefix bytes e.g. address override, data override, LOCK, REP, segment,REX, .

  10. µops and nops and LCPs - Intel


    16 Abr 2015 ... Length changing prefixes (LCPs) can serve a similar alignment purpose. Indeed NOPs and LCPs are combined. However LCPs (not REX) ...

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