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  1. Pictures rotate when importing from native camera roll in iOS


    24 Jun 2015 ... I've been following this http://qnimate.com/create-a-camera-app-using-intel-xdk/# Displaying_Picture and managed to get photos from my ...

  2. Rotate/Resize using more thread IPP 2017


    1 Jun 2016 ... Using ippiWarpAffineLinear_8u_C3R , ippiResizeNearest_8u_C3R will it use one thread , or it's possible to set it to use more threads ?

  3. Rotate image in AcquireAccess


    6 Nov 2015 ... I want to be able to rotate a PXCMimage using the AcquireAccess() function but the following code does not actually rotate the image.

  4. Screen rotate with Atom Tunnel Creek


    2 Mar 2012 ... when no accelerated BITBLT was available, we drew to a shadow buffer and accomplished the rotation to the frame buffer using GPU 3D ...

  5. Rotation Prior to Face Tracking


    24 Mar 2016 ... I am able to successfully rotate an image using AcquireAccess, ... The face tracking module is separate, and can't be fed rotated images output ...

  6. Cube Rotation Using the Unity* Toolkit with Intel® RealSense


    Apr 17, 2015 ... This tutorial shows you how to use the Unity* Toolkit for Intel® RealSense™ technology to create a simple Intel RealSense application where a ...

  7. Rotating Indexed Bitmaps?


    This results in a rotated bitmap, but all colours are mixed up, so the result is not usable. Does anyone know if there is a function I could use to rotate indexed ...

  8. Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family. Rotate second display on ...


    27 Feb 2010 ... From my code I try rotate secondary monitor at 90 degrees. I used ChangeDisplaySettingsEx methods for do this job. On your's forum I was ...

  9. Unity Tip: Resolving "Gimbal Lock" Rotation Problems


    17 Jul 2015 ... Hi everyone, If you have encountered issues in Unity with an object's rotation suddenly being restricted, it may be due to a very old problem ...

  10. Unity Tip: Resetting A RealSense-Powered Object's Rotation with ...


    Sep 2, 2015 ... A type of rotation called a Quaternion Slerp is excellent for this, as it changes the rotation coordinates of the X, Y and Z axes to whatever you ...

  11. How can I use Face tracking module with R200 placed vertically?


    16 Mar 2016 ... Can I rotate the raw stream 90 before feed to face tracking module? But I can not find any code or function to do that in sdk manual or samples.

  12. Rotate shift in AVX and SSE


    10 Nov 2011 ... I need to shift values in a simd register and replace from left or right. Basically I have an array like {4,5,4,5} in SSE or {4,5,4,5,4,5,4,5} in AVX ...

  13. Rotated screen is not resized in portrait mode when Crosswalk is used


    10 Jul 2015 ... When I start the app everything is working fine, then I rotate the screen to landscape mode and still everything is fine, but when I rotate it back to ...

  14. Camera image orientation and problems with base64 encoding / iOS


    28 Ago 2014 ... ... then it's rotated -90deg into landscape orientation (reduced-size sample photo attached). I'm thinking this has something to do with the fact ...

  15. Google maps AngularJS Ionic grey map intel xdk


    13 Abr 2016 ... CHRIS P. (Intel) the div is visible because when i open the page of the map i get a grey space. and when i rotate the screen the maps appears ...

  16. Unity Tip: Moving Interactive Cloth With A RealSense TrackingAction ...


    May 7, 2015 ... Normally, interactive cloth material is not movable with scripting unless you switch off the cloth function, change the rotation / position and ...

  17. Matrix Rotation with MKL?


    4 Ago 2011 ... I want to rotate a matrix about its center by an arbitrary angle. However, it cannot resize the destination matrix, meaning it should clip and spots ...

  18. Portrait mode using Intel 915


    Most, if not all, recent graphics cards I've dealt with in the last 5 years have had a setting to rotate the screen 90 degrees, but I can't seem to find this setting on ...

  19. App will not open in landscape


    25 Mar 2015 ... The app needs to be able to rotate in both orientations. What is the fix to have the app open in landscape because the "Default" is not working.

  20. Rotation of devices in HTML5 XDK


    25 Abr 2013 ... I see that the rotation of devices (using accelerometer emulator) is just wrong. Try to rotate in x-axis and try to figure out is it -45 or +45 degree?

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