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  1. String Arrays FROM FORTRAN


    What is wrong with this? the HRESULT from the SafeArrayPutElement ... 9 location = LOC(sArray(i)) j = SafeArrayPutElement(lpSafeArray, i, location) END DO ...

  2. Passing String Arrays to COM object - Intel


    21 Jul 2009 ... Istatus = SafeArrayPutElement(ISafeNames, I, StringPtr) CALL SysFreeString( StringPtr) END DO !.. !!! Following CALL does NOT WORK :-(((

  3. Write to EXCEL from FORTRAN use COM Interface


    Sep 27, 2013 ... ... using SafeArrayCreate, populate using lots of calls to SafeArrayPutElement) and then poking things through using Range_SetValue2.

  4. x86 and x64 Compiling issue - Intel® Developer Zone


    Jul 20, 2014 ... [SA_COMP] res = SafeArrayPutElement(sa_Comp, i, BSTR_Comp). sa_comp is defined as integer(4) but in this case it is actually a variable the ...

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