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  1. ifort: bug with option -save


    21 Sep 2010 ... option -save doesn't work well with arrays ifort version: (ifort -V) Intel Fortran Compiler Professional for applications running on IA-32, Version ...

  2. interplay of -fpp, -save-temps and gdb across the latest ifort versions


    Oct 6, 2015 ... When I use the additional compiler option "-save-temps" they are kept and I can get a proper source listing in gdb. Unfortunately this is based ...

  3. Cannot find the option "Intel(R) Fortran Compiler" in Xcode->Target ...


    Nov 18, 2008 ... How can I compiler/run the multi-programs under Xcode using Intel Fortran compiler? ... ifort -O0 -real_size 64 -integer_size 64 -save -c carbon.

  4. Initialization of local variables in subroutines


    Mar 1, 2007 ... My question is the following: Is there a run time option to save the ... compiler in batch mode, alsoIntel FORTRAN compiler forwindows mode.

  5. Setting Flags in XCode for ifort


    Nov 20, 2012 ... -g -save-temps -fpic -Wl,-no_pie. So far so good. .... The "-Wl," prefix tells the compiler, "what follows is an option to the linker, not to you".

  6. Compile-time checking of uninitialized variables


    Jan 7, 2014 ... I'm extensively utilizing the "-check uninit" feature of the compiler, ... Our program currently uses the -save and -zero compilation flags, but we ...

  7. Local Variables Declaration and Initialization


    22 Nov 2016 ... Can someone explain this error and suggest another way to declare a variable as “not SAVEd”? I prefer not to depend on any compiler options.

  8. character variable initialization, static property


    Initializing the variable using an executible statment: tok80 = ' ' * Compiling the code with the -static option * Using the save attribute: character, save :: tok80*80.

  9. /recursive and /reentrancy: threaded compiler options


    14 May 2009 ... IVF11 now requires the /recursive compiler option, but setting /recursive ... work now require chasing down and adding individual SAVE attributes.

  10. Calling functions in OpenMP


    16 Feb 2009 ... When I tried to do so, I got a compiler error "error #6410: This name ... May or may not be stack or SAVE depending on compile time options.

  11. Problem with /qzero un update 6


    Sep 26, 2011 ... /Qzero tends to work only on SAVE variables. ifort has changed the ... But is there a compiler option to find such unset variablesto make it easier ...

  12. recursive - compiler switch


    Mar 27, 2009 ... I see that the recursive compiler switch means "all routine should be compiled ... The /Qsave switch documentation says "This option saves all ...

  13. enforce implicit none


    Nov 14, 2007 ... Is there a compiler option to turn certain warnings into errors? ... If you just save the file in place, it will be used until you update the compiler.

  14. Problem with IFCOM (ConvertStringtoBstr)


    Sep 15, 2004 ... In Intel Fortran, certain variables are given the SAVE attribute, or not, by default: ... Invoking the /Qsave compiler option solves this completely, ...

  15. VS IDE Debug how to view SAVE variables


    Dec 12, 2007 ... (Program compiled with OpenMP) subroutine FOOreal, save ... Does your compiler have an undocumented diagnostic option that would ...

  16. Compiler Fails to Identify Division by Zero


    May 20, 2013 ... The target program was compiled using the following options: -O2 -fpe0 -extend- source 132 -save -zero -traceback -diag-disable 8290,8291.

  17. The initial value of variables was changed when switching from ...


    Apr 6, 2014 ... ... by the IVF compiler after the code direction is switched from another subroutines. ... was fixed just enough to run with a specific compiler option group. ... I think the "all variables save" breaks the legacy in somewhere, so I ...

  18. f03 standard


    Apr 27, 2009 ... when i tried compiling my code with -stand f03 on, i get these warnning message warning #7410: Fortran 2003 ... depending on compile time options ... Default SAVE status for arrays can be prevented by taking Steve's advice.

  19. Is there any option in the intel fortran compiler (ifort) to compile and ...


    5 Sep 2015 ... Is there any automatic option in the ifort driver to compile and run the .exe ... This will save you retyping the command the second time.

  20. How to detect undefined variables in fortran?


    10 Dic 2012 ... The Compaq/Digital Fortran compiler automatically SAVEd variables. Module ... did you consider the use of the compiler option /check:uninit ?

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