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  1. Apache Big Data Stack - Big Data | Zona para desarrolladores Intel®


    Apache Big Data includes Apache Hadoop* and Apache Spark* - a fundamentally new way of storing and processing data.

  2. stack/heap and memory leaks


    Hi, Recently large data sets were causing stack overflows in a program of mine. To allow for larger temporary arrays (prevent stack overflows), I changed ...

  3. Program exception - stack overflow


    When the arrays exceed 1GB I get the following error Error <170> Program exception - stack overflow. I have reviewed several of the posts regarding how to  ...

  4. stack overflow


    IVF comrades: I'm debugging an application that fails with severe error 170, a stack overflow. The documentation for this runtime error requests the user consult  ...

  5. Stack overflow problem with IVF Composer XE 2016


    I immediately get a stack overflow problem on this line of code (variables abbreviated): arr1 = cdexp(QI * (c1 * arr2 + c2 * arr3 * c3))c1, c2, and c3 are constants, ...

  6. CVF dll from VB - out of stack space


    But when I make the first function call in VB I get "Out of stack space". I used dumpbin and it looks like all the procs/funcs are there. The old dll works fine.

  7. Best solution for stack overflow + pointers


    I m not the first one, but I ve a problem of stack overflow with some operations on ' big' matrix defined as pointers (MATMUL(), TRANSPOSE(), allocation of 2 ...

  8. Enable Stack Traces


    Hello, I'm trying to get stack traces every time my app crashes (eg. divide by zero) . I have two configurations - one DOS, one DLL. The DOS one gives me a ...

  9. Module removes stack overflow error


    Dear f 90 programmersI run a simple code to solve 2-d heat equation using OPENMPfor array size more than (301*301) i got stack overflow error and the code ...

  10. Stack Overflow and setting Stack Size


    I've discovered I need to set the stack size at 2MB for a 6MB read file, 6 MB for a 31 MB read file and I'm now at a stack size of 17MB for a 90 MB read file.

  11. Stack size is not big enought


    I use linux and when I set the stack size to unlimited: `ulimit -s unlimited` it works. .... than 32K x 32K ) the amount of memory allocated on the Stack is huge.

  12. forrt1: severe (170): Program Exception - stack overflow


    I run a code to solve the heat equation by OPEN MP got the following error msg. forrtl: severe (170): Program Exception - stack overflowImage PC Routine Line ...

  13. Result file from Intel Inspector 2015 does not have call stack frames


    17 Ago 2015 ... Hi, I have recently migrated from the Intel Inspector 2011 to Intel Inspector 2015 and I started to have problems with the result file that I generate ...

  14. Detect Leaks points problem in the the middle of call stack - how to ...


    6 Ago 2015 ... Hi everyone, I have following problem - I run Intel Inxpector XE2011 Detect Leaks , I get several Memory Leak (Allocation site), when I want to ...

  15. How to set stack size while building in sublime text?


    15 Ene 2016 ... I've got this problem while I am trying to build fortran in sublime text. Here is what I wrote in sublime text. It works well except for stack size.

  16. Line numbers of call stack in command line version


    24 May 2016 ... I am working on a linux server developing an application and profiling it using Vtune (2016). Within the network of my organization it is feasible ...

  17. Does array constructor in actual argument create dummy on stack?


    Hi In the sample below, I think there will be a copy and thus array I in subroutine Method will be on stack? (Although I don't get a message with ...

  18. Knights Landing Software Stack installation troubles


    hace 1 día ... Intel's new Knight's Landing processor has builtin support for hosting OS and is no more a pluggable card MIC as in the traditional systems.

  19. tracing a segfault that is not helped by stack adjustment


    2 Jun 2016 ... I am working with a numerical model application that somewhere in past months started to segfault on ifort on Linux. The application normally ...

  20. Fatal error in MPI_Init: Other MPI error, error stack: MPIR_Init_thread ...


    29 Oct 2014 ... Hello, I am running Intel MPI for Intel mp_linpack benchmark (xhpl_em64t). Steps : 1. I sourced the mpivars.sh from ...

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