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  1. Android* - Test Apps Virtually | Intel® Software


    Test Android* Apps on Intel Devices…Virtually Ensure your apps run smoothly and deliver the best user experience on Intel-based Android devices by testing ...

  2. Beta Test Apps (Archived)


    Get valuable feedback on your app by creating a beta test group. Post questions about how to beta test your app and invite testers here.

  3. BETA Test with GUID


    I didn't see the answer anywhere although I am sure it is there, but when beta testing an app off the store, is the GUID checked as part of the beta test.

  4. Test memory bandwidth on KNL


    15 Ago 2016 ... I try to run STREAM test using one thread, the bandwidth is 16GB/s. It seems correct. But when I increase the thread number to two, the stream ...

  5. Windows phone app test store


    2 Abr 2016 ... Hello the official test of windows store gives me the following error: What should I do I can change and save as UTF-8 as I do? The app was ...

  6. Private Message TEST Forum Topic


    This is a test. ... Private Message TEST Forum Topic. Private Message TEST Forum Topic. Da W. (Intel). Mié, 02/03/2016 - 11:20. This is a test. Test Signature  ...

  7. test edited


    test edited. test edited. sprint_automation_ssg1 t. Mar, 26/07/2016 - 02:40. test1. RSS Inicio. 1 envío / 0 nuevos. Para obtener más información sobre las ...

  8. I can't download my beta test apps. error code: 1108


    I launch beta test app from India and invite my friend from India for testing. He shows my app but could not download it. error code:1108. I made it in windows 7  ...

  9. AJAX ok in test but not emulate/build


    27 Ene 2014 ... What puzzles me is that it works perfectly in a browser and in XDK emulate mode, but when I run in test mode or build, the php call does not ...

  10. Access Violation Exception Only During C# Unit Tests


    I'm receving the following error when running my C# unit tests, which access Fortran code through a C++ wrapper: AccessViolationException: Attempted to read ...

  11. Visual Studio 2013/2015 built in native unit tests aren't discovered ...


    Apr 25, 2016 ... Does the Intel compiler support compiling native unit test projects using Microsoft's built in unit testing framework? I can't find it listed as an ...

  12. Turbo boost test tool for Haswell CPU


    Dear Sir : Do you have the software tool to check the Turbo boost frequency under 1 core , 2 core …etc ? I need the check if the CPU turbo boost function is OK ...

  13. "TEST" doesn't work on Samsung S4 for Cocos2d JS (full) project


    2 Abr 2016 ... The previous XDK version was working well, now I downloaded the new version ( 3088) all is working fine but not the "TEST" mode with my ...

  14. CPU frequency drops while running CPU and GPU tests concurrently


    When they run a GPU test which performs 6 transcodes using the sample_multi_transcode_drm program from Intel MSDK, and run it continuously in a loop, the ...

  15. test post -please do not delete


    24 Feb 2016 ... test post -please do not delete. RSS Inicio. 1 envío / 0 nuevos. Para obtener más información sobre las optimizaciones del compilador, consulte ...

  16. Edison crashing on reboot after WIFI scan test


    4 Ago 2015 ... The hardware guy redesigned the board to stop this happening and handed back a test device. I ran the WIFI scan several times while the TFT ...

  17. Xeon Phi Stress Test


    2 Ene 2014 ... In other words - tests were too fast to check my cooling solution. What can you suggest to perform simple stress test of Xeon Phi?

  18. Forcing Test tab build with crosswalk


    13 Oct 2015 ... Hello guys, I need to use the test tab with crosswalk enabled and I seem to be unable to do so, as my program only works on android crosswalk ...

  19. Network Bandwidth and/or Driver Test? (Like IOmeter or Intel Power ...


    29 Ene 2016 ... I was hoping to get an assessment of what network performance could be by running a synthetic test like IOmeter to benchmark. Any ideas?

  20. Regarding "test" and "Debug" options in the Intel XDK


    4 May 2015 ... The XDK provides two options namely: "Test" and "Debug" Test option lets me to test the app via App viewer on my device Debug option les me ...

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