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  1. Beta Test Apps (Archived)


    Get valuable feedback on your app by creating a beta test group. Post questions about how to beta test your app and invite testers here.

  2. App funciona en test pero al descargarlo de la play no


    23 Nov 2016 ... Hola, buenos días. Realicé mi app con intel xdk 3341 y al testearla funcionaba bien tanto en el pc como en mi lenovo vibe k5, pero al ...

  3. How to run impi test program among cluster nodes


    19 Ene 2017 ... For some reasons I cannot run the impi/2017.1.132/test.c from a multi-nodes environment. I used the following to compile and execute (test ...

  4. AJAX ok in test but not emulate/build


    27 Ene 2014 ... What puzzles me is that it works perfectly in a browser and in XDK emulate mode, but when I run in test mode or build, the php call does not work.

  5. Test lab in Azure or AWS VM specs


    5 Mar 2017 ... Is this possible/supported and do you have any advice on the specs of VM's I should deploy please for a small test of a few clients. I wasn't clear ...

  6. problems with test examples


    19 Abr 2010 ... I have installed SPIKE on a system with Intel Xeon with 4 processors. I have openmpi also installed.When trying to compile and run the test ...

  7. Visual Studio 2013/2015 built in native unit tests aren't discovered ...


    24 Abr 2016 ... Does the Intel compiler support compiling native unit test projects using Microsoft's built in unit testing framework? I can't find it listed as an ...

  8. Forcing Test tab build with crosswalk


    13 Oct 2015 ... Hello guys, I need to use the test tab with crosswalk enabled and I seem to be unable to do so, as my program only works on android crosswalk ...

  9. Xeon Phi Stress Test


    2 Ene 2014 ... In other words - tests were too fast to check my cooling solution. What can you suggest to perform simple stress test of Xeon Phi?

  10. Turbo boost test tool for Haswell CPU


    Oct 20, 2014 ... Dear Sir : Do you have the software tool to check the Turbo boost frequency under 1 core , 2 core …etc ? I need the check if the CPU turbo ...

  11. Atomic bit test with a shared memory


    Nov 11, 2016 ... Hello, For a multi-threading synchonization purpose, I'm using LOCK BTS and LOCK BTR with a shared memory. However how to test this bit ...

  12. Test does not initialize a variable.


    16 Ene 2017 ... Is it OK in subroutine Program_main? Should be inicialized variable c in subroutine Program_main (before calling Subprogram)? When I ...

  13. Regarding "test" and "Debug" options in the Intel XDK


    4 May 2015 ... The XDK provides two options namely: "Test" and "Debug" Test option lets me to test the app via App viewer on my device Debug option les me ...

  14. Failed to test samples from INDE Media Pack 1.1.1493 for Android


    21 May 2014 ... Hi all, I have downloaded and installed INDE Media Pack for Android, while trying to test the samples from Media Pack, it failed when I test the ...

  15. WACK Supported API test for Windows Store failed


    15 Nov 2016 ... I have a C++ Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app project that includes some static libraries built with Intel Fortran. When I run the Windows ...

  16. Windows phone app test store


    2 Abr 2016 ... Hello the official test of windows store gives me the following error: What should I do I can change and save as UTF-8 as I do? The app was ...

  17. Network Bandwidth and/or Driver Test? (Like IOmeter or Intel Power ...


    29 Ene 2016 ... I was hoping to get an assessment of what network performance could be by running a synthetic test like IOmeter to benchmark. Any ideas?

  18. Edison crashing on reboot after WIFI scan test


    4 Ago 2015 ... The hardware guy redesigned the board to stop this happening and handed back a test device. I ran the WIFI scan several times while the TFT ...

  19. Problems with internet connection test


    Problems with internet connection test. Thiago A. Sáb, 14/02/2015 - 15:31. Hi everyone,. I'm using Intel XDK to create an app, but i'm with a problem, i think isn't  ...

  20. No complaint about use of uninitialized variables in simple Fortran ...


    6 Nov 2014 ... Hi I'm trying to use Inspector on the simple examples in the Polyhedron test suite  ...

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