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  1. Can't start XDK


    30 Mar 2014 ... xdk:client (1411971749804): Client cannot validate with server ... Go here http:// appcenter.html5tools-software.intel.com to confirm your userid ...

  2. Problemas para logar no software


    12 Feb 2015 ... Please try to log into this site with your XDK userid and password to ..... We only validate against Ubuntu Linux, not all versions of Linux will ...

  3. XDK Login Changes and Issues


    Jul 10, 2015 ... You will see a new login screen when providing your userid and password to ... After you enter “validate and Merge”, you will be able to use this ...

  4. How to access and manupulate data using wcf service in intel xdk


    Mar 7, 2016 ... 26, Sub Update(UserId As Integer, Username As String, Password As String, ..... 43, //helper oauth functions return access token. check to see if ...

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