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  1. IVF and Winteracter


    Nov 5, 2004 ... I have problem to get the Winteracter to run under IVF.Somehow my settings are not complete.I have set the path to libs and includs, but still get ...

  2. Unresolved External Symbol: WinMainCRTStartup


    Jan 21, 2007 ... I am using Winteracter and I did manage to getVS to find the library and include files for that. It is now under Tools/Options so I am hoping it will ...

  3. Unresolved external pointing to CESHELL.lib


    25 Oct 2012 ... I'm using IVF 13.1.119 with MS VS 2010 and Winteracter 9.0 on 64-bit Windows 7 . I have an application that was running under IVF 10 and VS ...

  4. Need an advice on programming graphic using either Visual Fortran ...


    7 May 2015 ... I also work with fluid flow (CFD) and I am working with Winteracter. I work with this GUI for more than 10 years and my advice is to us it. It is the ...

  5. Unable to get Excel Bitness


    Oct 8, 2014 ... David, I do not have Winteracter, so I modified your program to use IFWIN. It worked correctly with the 32- and 64-bit compilers. Please note the ...

  6. Problems with /fast optimization


    9 Abr 2013 ... ... no problem using INTEL Visual Fortran (13.0) with Visual Studio 2010 ( upgraded to SP1) libraries within the Winteracter development tool.

  7. MS Fortran to VF or to VB?


    Jul 7, 2001 ... Re the development of a GUI interface I would recommend Winteracter, with which I have also had excellent experience and quality of support; ...

  8. Temas activos


    Tema · Respuestas · Último envío ordenar ascendente · Foro. Tema regular, Android Build Fails: Based on project file size? por Paul R. el Sáb, 04/02/2017 - 09: ...

  9. array of strings


    Dec 6, 2012 ... The interface belongs to winteracter third party software, so, it has some arguments and one of them is the strings_array. Of course it is ...

  10. How to open notepad in my GUI


    ... of creating GUIs with Fortran. You have to make calls to the Windows API. There are third-party tools that simplify the task. Winteracter is one example. Mike D.

  11. Errors getting NetCDF 4 to compile using intel fortran 11.1


    Aug 2, 2012 ... ... NetCDF 4 for dealing with very large files (the code uses the Winteracter suite of libraries for visualising data from air pollution simulations).

  12. Running IA-32 Fortran exes in Windows 10


    Aug 26, 2015 ... You may want to consider alternatives such as GINOMENU or Winteracter (or even Xeffort) if QuickWin is not meeting your needs. Steve - Intel ...

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