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How to make a soundboard android app with intel xdk ?


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how to ignore the SSL error in newer crosswalk

Hi there,

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Intel® Nervana™ AI Academy for Students & Academia

Accelerate your research on artificial intelligence with hands-on instruction at the Intel® Nervana™ AI Academy.
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How to use command to install Parallel studio cluster to a specific location

We ordered and installed parallel studio cluster 2017 for our new cluster.

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ishft not optimized in 2017.2

For a long time I used the ugly replacement of i/2 (positive integer) by ishft(i,-1).  If a compiler didn't optimize /2 with shifts, it could be very slow.  Now the new compiler no longer optimizes

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Android Resources

Access training, documents, and tools for creating Android apps using technology from Intel.
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Code Samples

Take your coding skills to a new level. Explore this vast library of code samples for products from Intel and other technologies.
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Intel® Distribution for Python 2017 Update 2 accelerates five key areas for impressive performance gains

Intel Corporation is pleased to announce the release of Intel® Distribution for Python* 2017 Update 2, which offers both performance improvements and new features. 

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Superior kdb+* Performance on Intel® Xeon Phi™ Product Family

The Intel®  Xeon Phi™ product family shares the same architecture, I

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