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C interoperability: trivial question

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What is Intel® DAAL?

The Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL) is the library of Intel® Architecture optimized building blocks covering all data analytics stages: data acquisition from a data source, preprocessing, transformation, data mining, modeling, validation, and decision making. To achieve best performance on a range of Intel® processors, Intel DAAL uses optimized algorithms from the Intel®...
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Multi-OS Engine [Beta] Download and Installation

Multi-OS Engine provides time-saving and productivity features to use Java code to create Android* and iOS* apps. Thank you for applying for early access to the Multi-OS Engine beta. With your approval for early access to this beta product, please utilize the links below to download the Multi-OS Engine.
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The Intel® IoT Developer Program provides an array of tools, libraries, and resources for complete IoT development.

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A Fast, Flexible, and Scalable Path to Commercial IoT Solutions

From idea to functional prototype, the Intel® IoT Developer Program offers resources to accelerate solution development.
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Intel® Software Partner

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Intel® Math Kernel Library Reference Manual

To make it easier to find documentation for C and Fortran, the reference manual for the Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) is available as two different versions, depending on the language you wish to use. The manual is also available in PDF format.
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Intel® Software-Partner

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