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Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

An introduction to the capabilities and work-flow of the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers tool that enables game developers to tap the full performance potential of their gaming platform, incl

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GDC 2016

Hold the date! GDC is the world's largest professionals-only game industry event and is coming to San Francisco March 14-18,2016.
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can not find mpiicc mpiifort in Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition

Hi, All,  when i  finish the install of  Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition 2016.

I can not find the mpicc and mpiifort.

the OS is ubuntu 14.04.

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Browse forums, submit questions, or contact the experts for advice and help with Intel® IoT hardware and software.

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Events - Todo

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Create, Import, and Manage Intel® XDK Projects de Intel® XDK Documentation

This topic shows how to use the Projects tab to create a new Intel® XDK project using choosing a template or sample demo, or by importing an app's HTML5 code base. It provides instructions to select the active project, open a project not listed in the Projects tab, and move a project's files to a different directory or development system.

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Comparing Touch Coding Techniques - Windows* 8 Desktop Touch Sample

Exploring Touch Coding Techniques for Windows 8 Desktop apps with backward compatibility to Windows 7.
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