Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge: Perceptual Pet Demo

Interact with your digital pet in this Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge Phase 2 entry from Jason Dorris, and learn about the 

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Head of the Order: Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge Winners

Head of the Order was the winner of the games catergory of the Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge Phase 2.

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Ganhadores da primeira fase do Perceptual Challenge Brasil

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Should binaries created by IVF 2016 be able to run on XP Machines


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Upcoming Intel® XDK Webinars de Intel® XDK Documentation

To help you become more proficient with the Intel® XDK cross-platform development environment, we periodically present live webinars that focus on specific featu

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Intel Rendering Research

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COS results wiggle a little with same executable on different machines


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Advanced Rendering Techniques and Code Samples GPU Pro 7

MSAA provides a neat way to reduce pixel shading without sacrificing image quality. Recently, researchers at Intel came up a with a technique called Coarse Pixel Shading that works like MSAA, Andrew Lauritzen at Intel, had come up with a clever way a few years ago to enable MSAA and deferred shading. We extended his ideas to enable Coarse Pixel Shading in the deferred rendering set-up. With our...
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Beginning Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor Workshop: Programming Models Part 4

This module looks at the rationale behind the approach taken by Intel with regards to the Intel® Xeon Phi coprocessor HW abstraction, programming model options, using standardized libraries such as

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