sh: Syntax error: Bad fd number

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OMP_PROC_BIND is now supported on compatible non-Intel processors

The newest versions of the Intel® C++ and Fortran compilers now support OpenMP* environment variable OMP_PROC_BIND on compatible non-Intel processors for Linux* and Windows* platfo

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Баги и фичи

Уважаемые читатели и авторы русскоязычных блогов Сообщества Разработчиков Intel, с сентября 2012 года блоги работают на новой площадке - Intel Developer Zone (IDZ), используют новый "движок", дают

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Can't make directory /usr/tmp/.flexlm


When running the Intel® Software License Manager for Linux* lmgrd you may encounter the following:

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Identifier "simd" may be treated as reserved attribute keyword, resulting in compiler errors and "warning #2621: attribute "simd" does not apply here"

Reference Number: DPD200240885

Version: Intel® C++ Composer XE 2013 Update 2 (Intel® C++ Compiler XE 13.1.0)

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Android SDK 的一个bug ------ parameters.getFocusDistances 无法使用(被拍摄物体和摄像头之间的距离无法测量)


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Bug report IVF Composer XE 2013 Update 2 Visual Studio crashes opening Fortran source file

Affected Version:  Intel(R) Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 Update 2 ( version / build 20130118 )

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Bug report IVF Composer XE 2013 Update 2 VS2008 error #10037: could not find 'link'

Bug Report  March 2013

Affected version:  Intel(R) Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 Update 2 ( version / build 20130118 ) when used in conjunction with Visual Studio 2008

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Avoiding Potential Problems - the __MIC__ macro and offload code blocks

The __MIC__ macro is used to protect source code which is intended to run only on the coprocessor. For example:

__declspec( target (mic))

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