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How to evaluate Intel® Software Development Products

Provides information on obtaining evaluation licenses and support during the evaluation period for Intel software development products.
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How do I set up a support account?

This article introduces how to set up a support account to help access support.
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How do I get an older version of an Intel® Software Development Product?

Older versions of products are available in the Intel® Registration Center (IRC). A license is good for any version or update released on or before the "support end date" of the license. Downloading a newly purchased product for the first time, the default download is that of the newest version. However, you can choose to install an older version of the product by following these steps. If you...
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What To Do When You See the Message “Maximum Number of Activations Exceeded”

What to do when you see the message “Maximum number of activations exceeded”: 'Named-user’ license provisions in the Intel software EULA (version March 2015) have changed to only allow an Intel® Software Development Product to be installed on a certain number of systems. If you see this error message during product activation (for example on a Windows* system) you have already reached the maximum...
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Performance Tools for Software Developers - Differences between evaluation, non-commercial and release compilers

Evaluation versions of Intel® compilers, available from the Intel® Software Development Tools, are identical to release compilers of the same version. Similarly, Intel compilers which are part of the Free Software Tools are identical to release compilers of the same version.
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Invalid license file: How do I resend the license file to my email?

Invalid license file: How do I resend the license file to my email? Option 1: Obtain a license from the registration center (recommended option) Option 2: File a Premier Support issue requesting a license file Option 3: Request your license file through the user forum
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error: The license file provided is invalid

You may see this error while installing Intel Software Development Products with a license file. There are a few things you need to check.

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Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers: Which Tools Are Available on My Platform?

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) are the premier tools for optimizing games on Microsoft Windows* OS. Intel® GPA also supports the analysis of games on Intel phones and tablets running the Google* Android*, and OpenGL* desktop applications on Ubuntu OS. This article describes the different platforms for the product, and how to download the product.
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Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) upgrade options

If you are presently using Intel IPP in your applications and license is expiring soon, we have exciting news for you regarding your Intel® IPP l

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Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager End-User License Agreement - Windows*

EULA for Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager - Windows*
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Para obtener información más completa sobre las optimizaciones del compilador, consulte nuestro Aviso de optimización.