Intel® MPI Library Licensing FAQ

A quick FAQ on redistribution rights for the Intel MPI LIbrary runtimes and licensing. Useful for ISVs who wish to bundle the runtimes with their application.
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Performance Tools for Software Developers - Differences between evaluation, free and paid compilers

Evaluation versions of Intel® compilers, available from the Intel® Software Development Tools, are identical to paid compilers of the same version. Similarly, Intel compilers which are part of the Free Software Tools are identical to paid compilers of the same version.
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Licensing: Setting up the client for a floating license

Steps to set up client software to point to the license server for Intel products to use floating license.
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Why does the product install say "License is expired" when trying to install an upgrade?

When installing a product upgrade, the installer fails with a "license is expired" message. The original license has expired and the installer is looking for a renewed active license.
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How can I determine which products and versions my license supports?

Each license is associated with a serial number.

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Where can I find my serial number?

All Intel® Software Development Product licenses have a unique serial number in the following format: XXXX-YYYYYYYY

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What type of license is needed for a single computer with multiple CPU's?

With the exception of Intel® Cluster Tools, Intel® Software Products are licensed to a named user rather than to a single computer.

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How to evaluate Intel® Software Development Products

Provides information on obtaining evaluation licenses and support during the evaluation period for Intel software development products.
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How do I Send a License File to My Email?

Invalid license file: How do I resend the license file to my email? Option 1: Obtain a license from the registration center (recommended option) Option 2: Request your license file through support
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Where do I download the old version of Intel® IPP Cryptography libraries?

This page contains instructions for downloading the old Intel IPP cryptography libraries.
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