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Detecting Slate/Clamshell Mode & Screen Orientation in a 2 in 1 Device

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Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives Reference Manual Examples de Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives Reference Manual Examples

The following archive contains *.c files for the code examples referenced in the Image Geometry Transforms and Computer Vision sections of the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) 9

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Parallel Universe Magazine #12: Advanced Vectorization

This blog contains additional content for the article "Advanced Vectorization" from Parallel Universe #12:

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SIMD tuning with ASM pt. 4 - Vectorization & ICC

If you remember from my first post I presented a program.

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Процедурный рендеринг разреженного пространства

Download Source Code ZIPfile

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Образцы кода для обнаружения системного ГП, режима работы аккумулятора и экранной клавиатуры Windows* 8 в Unity*

Download the Intel® Toolkit from the Unity* Asset Store for code samples to help you display Windows native mode touch and touch feedback visuals, use the on-screen keyboard in Windows* 8 with Unity*, and find the device's current battery mode and its GPU type.
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Squares – 10-point Touch Sample

Download Squares Game Executable

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Optimizing Image Resizing Example of Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) With Intel® Threading Building Blocks and Intel® C++ Compiler. Intel® System Studio 2016 Linux

In this article, we are enabling and using Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives(IPP), Intel® Threading Building Blocks(TBB) and Intel® C++ Compiler(ICC) on Linux ( Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bit ). We will build and run one of the examples that comes with IPP and apply TBB and ICC on the example to observe the performance improvement of using Intel® System Studio features.
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Enhanced Photography Tutorial from IDF 2015 Intel® RealSense™ Lab

The attached files contain the Enhanced Photography (EP) Lab and Solution from the IDF 2015 lab for the Intel® RealSense

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