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Issues with TURN server


We are trying something typical.

Usually, when the call happens over webrtc, the ice candidates will take multiple udp ports and get relayed if the client is behind a NAT.

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英特尔® 物联网开发人员套件简介

硬件传感器和致动器相当于技术的眼睛和耳朵:温度、位置、振动、旋转等。没有传感器和致动器,物联网将不复存在。 英特尔® 物联网开发套件是一整套软硬件工具,可帮助您使用传感器硬件技术创建创新、炫酷的项目。 开发人员套件经过构建,可支持您选择第一代或第二代英特尔® Galileo,或英特尔® Edison 开发板等硬件组件。

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Comercial Licence


Can the webrtc collaboration suite stack be used as part of a commercial offering, if not do you offer a commercial license?


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Portal/Controller in Release v3.1


I'm trying to make a MCU cluster with version 3.1 In the manual is tells me:

8. Choose worker machines to run portals. These machines must be visible to cliients

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update 3.1 from 3.0 compile ERROR Multiple dex files define

update 3.1 from 3.0 later,ERROR in android 5.0 before:

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Developing a Touch-Friendly Option for Your Website and/or Web-Based App

Providing your users with a touch-friendly option on 2-in-1 devices is a common problem related to Web-based UIs, because on most browsers it's hard to determine whether the OS is in desktop or tablet mode. This article suggests a simple solution to the problem - let the user help.
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developing and hosting

HI all!

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Simulate Tab de Intel® XDK Documentation

Use the SIMULATE tab to quickly view changes you make to your project files and check the functionality and layout of your hybrid app on a collection of virtual mobile devices. Use this tab to open a version of the Google Chrome* Developer Tools (CDT) debugger and directly debug your app's JavaScript* code, CSS rules, and DOM elements. After you test and debug your app, run and test your app on...
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Code source for Little chef app

I'm trying to implemented sync adapter in android and I find this link:

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Chain of Things Solar Case Study: Blockchain+IoT Security

      With partners ElectriCChain, SolarCoin,

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