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Submitting Multiple Crosswalk* APKs to the Google Play* Store de Intel® XDK Documentation

The Crosswalk* build system produces two Android* APK files: one for x86 CPU architecture devices and one for ARM* CPU architecture devices. Download and submit both APKs to the Google Play Store* to maximize the number of devices that can install and run your Crosswalk application.

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Device Emulator Limitations de Intel® XDK Documentation

This topic explains why running an app in the device emulator differs from running it on actual device(s). It also lists unimplemented APIs in the device emulator.

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如何基于英特尔® x86平台开发和评价64位安卓* 应用


现在,越来越多的移动最终用户设备支持 64 位架构。 使用 64 位安卓*系统是打入市场的理想方式。 本文将介绍英特尔® 64 位架构上的安卓系统及其独特的功能,其中包括技术详情、性能优势、问题说明,以及可用于英特尔® 凌动™ 处理器平台上的安卓系统的解决方案。

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Cómo desarrollar y evaluar aplicaciones Android* de 64 bits en plataformas x86 Intel®

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How to Develop and Evaluate 64-bit Android* Apps on Intel® x86 Platforms

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Cordova for Windows Phone 8 Build Options de Intel® XDK Documentation

This topic describes Cordova app settings and configuration build file options for Microsoft Windows Phone* 8 builds.
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In-App Purchases de Intel® XDK Documentation

Many popular mobile apps rely on in-app purchases to monetize and generate revenue for their published apps. With Apache Cordova* plugins, HTML5 developers can develop mobile applications that can utilize Apple StoreKit* and Google Play Services* in-app billing.

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Building Cordova iOS Apps with WKWebView de Intel® XDK Documentation

Describes how to build a Apache Cordova* app for Apple iOS* using Apple's new and advanced WKWebView for high-performance HTML5 games and apps in the Intel XDK. WKWebView is well-suited to high-performance games and apps for iOS 8.
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Audio and Video Asset Support in the Game Asset Manager de Intel® XDK Documentation

The Intel® XDK Game Asset Manager provides a central place to view and render game assets. You can import certain audio and video file assets, but you need to be aware of CODEC limitations in your target environment(s).

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Intel® XDK Tabs Overview de Intel® XDK Documentation

The tabs in the Intel® XDK cross-platform development environment provide access to a set of tools that help you develop, debug, test and deploy your HTML5 apps. This short overview summarizes the tabs and tools available.

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