Intel Software Conference - Parallel Computing

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Intel® Software Conference (ISTEP) in Brazil

In 2013, the Intel® Software Academic Program, working together with the Intel Software Development Tools Team, brought the Intel Software Conference to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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App Promo - Dia dos Namorados - #003 - 28/4/2014

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Colorful Life

Colorful Life by Rainbow Team from China's Central South University is one of the second prize projects of the 8th Intel Cup National Collegiate Software Innovation Contest which focuses on OpenSta

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Intel Academic Community Webinar Series

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n-bodies: a parallel TBB solution: parallel code: a fresh look using recursive parallelism

When last I had a chance to play with this code, I experimented with usi

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Fun with Locks and Waits - Performance Tuning

At times threaded software requires some critical sections, mutexes or locks.   Do developers always know which of the objects in their code has the most impact?   If I want to examine my software

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Linux Libraries Lost and Found

Developing an application to run on Linux systems is, for the most part, fun and rewarding.  I always enjoy using new tools and seeing how much I can get the tool to do for me.

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How Does a Software Company Maximize Lead Generation?

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