安卓* 姜饼人英特尔® 凌动™ x86 镜像安装指南——手动


本文将全程指导您安装安卓* 姜饼人版本英特尔® 凌动™ x86 镜像,该镜像能够被用于基于英特尔x86架构的开发。

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本文主要介绍如何在Intel Atom架构下开发和优化Android应用程序,如何开发和移植Android NDK应用,以及如何通过代码阶段和编译阶段来优化NDK应用。
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Intel® IoT Gateway Technology: ZigBee Sensor Networks

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Hybrid Mobile App Development Tutorials

How To Develop Hybrid Mobile Application(Part – 1)


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'unknown USB device' - sofia bricked after flashing


I was using DownloadGUI for a firmware download tool Flashtool_E2 on my 4good t700i (Sofia 3G, 4GB/512MB)

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funcionalidades em php no app

desenvolvi um site htm5 css3 javascript e php, o site funciona blz na web onde foi hospedado, ao importar o projeto para o intel-xdk, não funcionou o php, gostaria de saber se há um servidor no xdk

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Opening links does not work in the code.

Hello everyone who responded. I have version Intel 2893.

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Eclipse or Android studio


Which one is better for starting ?

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Venue 7 3730 IS recognized by Android Studio (online, working, etc) BUT logcat is just spitting out tons of output when plug in

I connect it, and before I even can run an app, there is a very verbose wall of text that comes up in the logcat over and over and over - 

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