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You will receive a response to your inquiry within (1) business day. An Intel representative may subsequently contact you via email to obtain your feedback on the quality of the support you receive

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Android* Applications on Intel® Architecture

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Contact Us - AppUp Developer

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Expect a response within one business day.

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Search Recipes

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Intel Software Development Product Events Update Request

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Intel AppUp® encapsulator form

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ICR - Subscribe

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HTML5 Stay Informed

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Support from Intel® C++ Compiler Code Samples

Intel(R) C++ Compiler product

To learn more about Intel(R) C++ Compiler products, please go to Intel(R) C++ Compiler.

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Image Processing: Mandelbrot from Intel® C++ Compiler Code Samples

The Mandelbrot set is a well known application of visual mathematics. It is a good example of simple math with complex (imaginary) numbers on a complex plane leading to visually impressive results. It works by keeping track of how many iterations of the equation zn+1 = zn2 + c will occur before a complex number is no longer bound. This can go on forever, and the image generated is unique at...

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