Remi Arnaud Biography

Remi Arnaud is leads the Intel Game Engine Technology team. Previously, Remi worked on the PLAYSTATION 3 SDK as a Graphics Architect at Sony SCEI where he started COLLADA.
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Adaptive Transparency

We introduce a new technique for real-time order independent transparency called Adaptive Transparency (AT) that closely approximates the ground-truth results obtained from A-buffer compositing but is 5x to 40x faster. The key contribution of Adaptive Transparency is the introduction of an adaptively compressed visibility representation that can be efficiently constructed and queried during...
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微云WiGame 游戏平台

微云WiGame 游戏平台     


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腾讯游戏 嘉年华2011

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Computer Interaction Evolves

For anyone what wasn't able to attend the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, one of the 3 key finds that I learned was that we are on the cusp of a new era in the manner in which we interact with Computers. I believe, some of these new approaches will make are lives even more interesting!
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Congrats Microsoft on Windows* 8!

Here we are on the eve of Windows* 8 and I want to reach out to my former friends & co-workers still there to wish them all a huge Congratulations!  

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Developers and Facebook: New Emphasis on Games and Discovery

This week at GDC, there was some good news from the Facebook games and product teams for developers who integrate Facebook into their apps, i

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The Evolution of Game Development: Everything Old is New Again (and vice versa)

According to a recent survey of game developers, the industry is seeing a slow but steady shift away from console development towards PC and mobile games:

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Over The Hump: Hackathons: New Coders, Fear Not!


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Posted notes from "Multithreading and VFX" SIGGRAPH class

We taught a class on "Multithreading and VFX" on July 24 at SIGGRAPH 2013.

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