Combining Linux* Message Passing and Threading in High Performance Computing

An article addressing thread and task parallelism. This article can be used to optimize framework methodology. Written by Andrew Binstock--Principal Analyst at Pacific Data Works LLC and lead author of "Practical Algorithms for Programmers."
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Open Source Game Development

The intent of this paper is to go over a few of the most common open source game engines and show how Intel tools and technologies can bring goodness to open source game development by getting the best possible performance out of these engines.
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PowerTOP Primer

Note: All information from this article has been taken from  
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Building JasPer with Intel® compilers

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主要模块及数据流 经过多年的发展,mysql的主要模块已经稳定,基本不会有大的修改。本文将对MySQL的整体架构及重要目录进行讲述。

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编译安装 为了实现MySQL的更高级别的性能调优,我们通常需要理解其内部实现机制,并对其进行优化调试。在下面的系列中,我们会分别介绍MySQL的部分内部实现机制。 首先我们介绍如何从源代码部署一台MySQL服务器。


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The "Yocto-Yumminess" of our BSPs

This is cross-posted from my blog on the Yocto Project website. Please look over there for more Embedded Linux content.

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Intel® AVX C/C++ Intrinsics Emulation

This C/C++ header file can be used for AVX emulation on Intel CPUs/processors without h/w AVX support
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90 errors in open-source projects

There are actually 91 errors described in the article, but number 90 looks nicer in the title. The article is intended for C/C++ programmers, but developers working with other languages may also find it interesting.
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How to build GCC* cilkplus branch in 64bit Ubuntu* 12.04

Intel® Cilk™ Plus is an open source project now. This article is about how to build the 'cilkplus' branch to support CilkPlus in GCC.
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