An update to the integration of Intel® Media SDK and FFmpeg

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Manufacturer Increases Uptime Using IoT Solutions to Improve Machine Visibility

relayr’s data visualization tools helped a machinery manufacturer achieve an overall 11 percent performance improvement
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Tutorial: Using Inference to Accelerate Computer Vision Applications

Learn how to run computer vision inference faster on Intel Architecture using the Intel® Computer Vision SDK Beta R3. This tutorial will walk you through the process of generating the files needed for the Inference Engine from a Caffe model, and how to run the Inference Engine in a C++ application. The source code for this tutorial is available on GitHub.
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How to create video wall with Intel® Media SDK sample_multi_transcode

Show how to use Media SDK sample "sample_multi_transcode" to generate a video wall
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A Script for Performance Test with Intel® Media SDK Samples

1. Introduce the Script
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