OpenMP* and the Intel® IPP Library

How to configure OpenMP in the Intel IPP library to maximize multi-threaded performance of the Intel IPP primitives.
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Intel® Parallel Computing Center at Hartree Centre, STFC

Intel® PCC at the Hartree Centre is to enable UK academic and industrial codes to exploit the parallel and energy.
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Three Pieces of Advice for Code Modernization Success

What three code modernization techniques would I suggest to help a programmer improve the execution performance of her code? With too many specific things to choose from, these are three recommendations for any programmer anywhere and anytime.
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My Journey to learn Modern Code

When I first saw a session at IDF where masters of the Modern Code were discussing it got me intrigued to think more. Fellow Black Belt Gaston Hillar gave me good insight into it. I had a quick chat also with our Black Belt Program Manager Kathy(Always filled with Energy) she also explained about how cool Code modernization is.
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Optimize Data Layout with SIMD Templates

Contrast results for manually tuning financial data and using data layout templates in the Intel® C++ Compiler.
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Data Persistence in a Nutshell

Applications often use files to store data from one run to the next, but high-capacity, non-volatile memory devices make it possible to store data more effectively than using a disk-based file system. This article describes how to design your application to take advantage of these memory devices, thereby avoiding the need for files to serve as persistent memory.
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What is Code Modernization?

The Intel® Modern Code Zone has multiple resources that can be used to learn or review, and get even deeper knowledge of Code Modernization, Optimization techniques, a

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Debug Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions

If printf or fprintf functions cause transaction aborts, use Intel® Processor Trace as a work-around.
Autor Roman Dementiev (Intel) Última actualización 04/07/2019 - 17:00
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Pipeline and the Efficient Chef (Part 1)

Advanced computer concepts for the (not so) common Chef

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