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课程:机器人深度学习 | 英特尔® 人工智能开发人员计划

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Курс: «Глубинное обучение для робототехники» | Программа Intel® AI Developer Program

Узнайте основы использования алгоритмов глубинного обучения для множества рабочих нагрузок робототехники.
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Curso: Aprendizaje profundo sobre robótica | Intel® AI Developer Program

Conozca las bases para usar algoritmos de aprendizaje profundo en diversas cargas de trabajo de robótica.
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Curso: Compreensão aprofundada sobre Robótica | Programa para desenvolvedores de IA da Intel®

Aprenda os fundamentos do uso de algoritmos de aprendizado profundo em várias cargas de trabalho de robótica.
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Multi-threading Line-of-Sight Calculations to Improve Sensory System Performance in Game AI

In this article, Alex Champandard describes how to accelerate Multi-threading Line-of-Sight calculations to improve AI sensory system performance through the concept of a centralized sensory system using a mini-game prototype AI Sandbox.
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The Secrets of Parallel Pathfinding on Modern Computer Hardware

One of the first things that game AI developers parallelize is pathfinding as it is an expensive operation. The most common approach is to fire off the pathfinder in a separate thread. This article examines a multi-threaded pathfinding implementation.
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Apache Spark* Innovation: Driving a Stronger Community Standard

This blog post was jointly written by Jiangang Duan, Jie Huang and Weihua Jiang (Intel), Alex Gutow (Cloudera), and Dale Kim (MapR)


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Using the Intel® SSSE3 Instruction Set to Accelerate DNN Algorithm in Local Speech Recognition

The main algorithm of speech recognition has changed to DNN (Deep Neural Network). Without internet, the speech recognition service in your mobile devices nearly useless, very few times it can listen to what you said and work.With support for the SSSE3 instruction set on Intel’s CPU, we could easy run a DNN based speech recognition application without the internet. Adding direct SSSE3 support...
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The gaming industry has seen great strides in game complexity recently. Game developers are challenged to create increasingly compelling games. This series explores important Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts and how to optimize them for multi-core.
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Designing AI for Games. Intelligent agents need to identify points of interest in the game world. This article shows how to identify and optimize points of interest and provides ways of organizing them for multi-threading.
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