Threading Fortran Applications for Parallel Performance on Multi-Core Systems

Advice and background information is given on typical issues that may arise when threading an application using the Intel Fortran Compiler and other software tools, whether using OpenMP, automatic parallelization or threaded libraries.
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Wellington and Austin: programming lots of cores

A couple of back-to-back opportunities to see great talks about harness lots of cores, and to give talks about programming options and why we do not need to give up on programmability in our quest

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Vectorization Toolkit

A toolkit that gives 6 Steps to Increase Performance Through Vectorization in Your Application
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PAOS - Packed Array Of Structures

by Jim Dempsey

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Programming and Compiling for Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture

This article discussions parallelization and provides links that will help you understand your programming environment and evaluate the suitability of your app.
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Cache Blocking Techniques

Cache Blocking Techniques Overview

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Memory Layout Transformations

Memory Layout Transformations Overview
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Efficient Parallelization

This article is part of the Intel® Modern Code Developer Community documentation which supports developers in leveraging application performance in code through a systematic step-by-step optimization framework methodology. This article addresses: Thread level parallelization.
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Parallelization Using Intel® MPI

Get an overview of parallelization using the Intel® MPI Library and links to additional documentation.
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Vectorization and Optimization Reports

Optimization reports from the Intel® compilers guide the developer with optimization details
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