Windows* Store App Features and Differentiators

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Everything for the Ultrabook™ developer

So one of the first questions raised by application developers, is typically how can I get started with app development on Ultrabook™ - well here are some excellent pointers.

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Redesign Your iPad* App for Windows* 8

A great in-depth, step by step guide and covers a lot ground on how to deliver great UX and take full advantage of Windows* 8
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Educational Sample Code for Windows* 8


Download Sample Code [ZIP 379KB]

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Case Study: Escapist Games works to improve Star Chart’s user experience on Intel® platforms with Windows* 8 and Android*

By Chris Walley, Director, Escapist Games Ltd.

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Getting Someone to Know What They Know

Have you ever tried to explain something that is second nature to you?  It’s difficult if not impossible to recall even important details all at once. 

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Case Study: Redesigning ‘Back in Time’ from an iPad* to Windows* Store App

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Testing the Waters: Mobile and Cloud Computing for Education

By Dr. Ben Lieberman

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Developing an Educational App for Chromebooks*

Download Zip file

Authors: Dave Bach and Priya Vaidya

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Student Lecture Journal: Developing Android* Apps in 14 Weeks

When I was assigned to give a lecture on “Pengembangan Software Pendidikan” (Edu-Software Development) this semester for Chemistry Education Students, I was challenged.

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