Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) de Intel® Curie™ Open Developer Kit (ODK)

This page lists some known issues and suggested workarounds for them.

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The Schiaparelli Lesson – Unusual and Faulty Conditions

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Vectorization Diagnostics for Intel® C++ Compiler 14.0 or below

We have a similar catalog of vectorization diagnostics for the Intel® Fortran Compiler

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Find Solution to Input Error in PARDISO*

This article tries to address a kind of common error like *** Error in PARDISO when call PARDISO* and provide common check points guide to solve the problem.
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Diagnostic 15042: Pragma Supersedes Previous Setting


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Diagnostic 15316: simd loop was not vectorized: scalar assignment in simd loop is prohibited, consider private, lastprivate or reduction clauses

Product Version:  Intel® Fortran Compiler 15.0 and above

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Diagnostic 15328 vectorization support: gather was emulated for the variable a: indirect access

Product Version: Intel® Fortran Compiler 15.0 and a later version 

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