New All In One PCs at GDC 2013

Learn about All-in-One PCs (AIOs) with high performing processors, full HD resolution (1080i/720p), wireless keyboard and mouse, and a built-in battery.

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Mike Kasperzak's Cross Platform Indie App Development at IDF 2013

Mike gives a demonstration of cross platform games that Sykhronics has developed.

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Head-Coupled Perspective

Head-Coupled Perspective is a technique for rendering a scene that responds naturally and intuitively to changes in the viewer’s position relative to the display.
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Ultrabook™ Touchscreen - A Hands-on Approach

Sometimes it’s all about the hands-on approach. Develop a new class of exciting applications with the new generation of touch enabled Ultrabooks. It’s not only touching, it’s moving!

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Ultrabook 2 in 1

Develop and test the whole range of applications on one and only device – the convertible Ultrabook™. Intel® Developer Zone – everything to get you started!

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Audacity* Gets a Touch UI for Tablets and 2-in1 Touch PCs

The prototype demo shows a touch user interface (UI) in Audacity*, providing the operator a simplified screen with the most frequently used commands and tools.

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Paixão de torcedor se transforma no APP BRASILEIRÃO 2013! Conheça mais sobre esse aplicativo inovador otimizado para tecnologias Intel.

Existe um consenso geral que todo brasileiro é apaixonado por futebol e que a torcida é a grande responsável pelo sucesso de seu time.

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Interacción con pantalla táctil y sensores en aplicaciones para Ultrabook

Durante esta sesión te mostraremos cómo desarrollar aplicaciones Windows 8 que interactúen con sensores y con la pantalla táctil, cuáles son las diferencias entre el ambiente de la Interfaz Moderna

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Symbio and Sesame Workshop at GDC 2013

Dan Projansky of Sesame Workshop and Alex Guo of Symbio showcase their new game XXX on a new All in One Desktop running Windows 8.

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iRacing Optimized for Ultrabooks™ - Overview

iRacing software developer David Tucker talks about optimizing battery life and adding touch functiionality and tilt sensor support to iRacing with Windows* 8 Desktop on an Ultrabook.

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