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Internal compiler error for module function with pointer return

This code re-produces:

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Getting started with the Intel® XDK and IoT de

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Комплект Intel® Joule™ для разработчиков

Получите модуль Intel® Joule™ и дополнения, включая интегрированные среды разработки, датчики, примеры кода и библиотеки.
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Cycling an unnamed do concurrent loop


why isn't the compiler associating the following cycle statement with the appropriate do concurrent loop?:

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The Intel® Joule™ Compute Module

This low-power module easily integrates IoT technology and features a 64-bit, quad-core compute engine, and a high-speed I/O for rapid prototyping.
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Unknown layer on the project

The application that I created using XDK version 3759, Jquery Mobile, has presented in some devices an image that covers the content, it does not happen on all devices, I noticed mainly in versions

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H265 on 4-th gen CPU decoder memory leak.


We are experiencing a leak when H265 is attempted decoded and the decoder is subsequently closed - it leaks memory.

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I have problem with certificate. My new version of apk use new certificate becouse i forget password :/ and now i cant upload this update for apk, what should I do now ?


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Getting started with Intel® Advisor Roofline feature

This document describes the traditional scenario for using the Roofline feature of Intel® Advisor.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Intel® Advisor Roofline Analysis Tech Preview Feature

This document contains the FAQ asked by our customers about Roofline feature of Intel® Advisor.

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