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Move floating license server to new machine


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Books - High Performance Parallelism Pearls

A look into the contents of the two "Pearls" books, edited by James Reinders and Jim Jeffers. These books contain a collection of examples of code modernization.
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Intel® MKL and Intel® IPP: Choosing a High Performance FFT

The purpose of this document is to help developers determine which FFT, Intel® MKL or Intel® IPP is best suited for their application.
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Try and Buy Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector

Get more details on how to purchase and download the Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector.
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How do I manage my licenses?

Instructions on how to manage licenses of subscribed products
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Tour of Maya* 2016

Autodesk Maya* 2016 packs a punch with a ton of new features and updates.

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Intel® Parallel Computing Centers

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Scaling Operations in Intel Media SDK

This article is intended to discuss all the scaling operations which are present in Intel Media SDK. Scaling is one of the most commonly used video processing operation.

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R6 Release: What's New in Intel® Media Server Studio

Top 5 Advancements from Intel Media Server Studio 2015 R6 Release
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Frame rate Conversion (FRC) Algorithm in Intel Media SDK

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