Configure an Intel® Joule™ for IoT App Development de Intel® XDK Documentation

This page provides reference information for how to set up and configure an Intel® Joule™ board to work with the Intel® XDK for developing IoT apps.

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The New Issue of The Parallel Universe is Out: The Present and Future of OpenMP*

The OpenMP* application programming interface turns 20 this year―and we’re

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Intel Manageability Commander remote desktop can't work thinkcenter m8500t

[Host Information]

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Crash by vector destructor if used with range based for loop


I have a problem with vector destructor if I use it with range based for loop.

Sample code to reproduce this issue:

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Intel® Architecture Code Analyzer

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Executing Saffron Technology™ Cognitive APIs

Saffron Technology™ cognitive APIs use thought processes (THOPs), which are a collection of procedures that can be run synchronously or asynchronously. The type of process determines on how it can be executed on the command line.
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Getting to Know the Arduino 101* (branded Genuino 101* outside the U.S.) Platform

Depending on the requirements of the project, as an Internet of Things (IoT) developer you need to choose the best platform to build your application. It is important to understand the capabilities of the different platforms. The first part of this article compares the Arduino 101* platform to the Arduino UNO*, giving a baseline for those who aren’t familiar with the Arduino 101* features. The...
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Intel® Parallel Computing Centers Newsletter Archive

Intel® Parallel Computing Program (Intel® PCC) newsletters are issued monthly and highlight news and events from universities, institutions, and labs in the field of parallel computing.

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Attest Quote by IAS


I have successfully managed to retrieve the SigRL from IAS but am now struggling with the Quote attestation.

I call the sgx_ra_proc_msg2 function like this:

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