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Web Resources about Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions

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When the SkyLake supported MSDK release?

The Skylake CPU and Z170 mainboard will come true 2 hours later.  When the skylake supported MSDK release? I pay more attention to  HEVC encoding performance in skylake CPU.  

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Intel® Code Modernization Enablement Program

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crosswalk problem


i have a problem with crosswalk building.

Every app i building in my phone alert "Il programma xxx è stato arrestato" (the xxxx program has been stopped)


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Distinguishing OFFLOAD_REPORT statements between multiple nodes

Hello all,

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No Call Stack Information on MIC

Hi, there.

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Intel® Threading Building Blocks: Scalable Programming for Multi-Core

Intel’s new parallel programming model is a new set of Libraries developed by Intel Software and Solutions Group in order to help developers write scalable code without worrying about managing threads.
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How to Compile for Intel® AVX

Use the Intel Compiler 11.1 or 12.0 with the switch /QxAVX (Windows*) or -xavx (Linux*) to compile applications for Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX).
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Granularity and Parallel Performance

One key to attaining good parallel performance is choosing the right granularity for the application. Granularity is the amount of real work in the parallel task. If granularity is too fine, then performance can suffer from communication overhead.
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Use Intel IPP in Intel® Parallel Studio

it illustrates how to use Intel IPP in Intel® Parallel Composer
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