ANSYS* 助力扩展仿真性能


设计仿真软件改变了企业设计产品的方式,企业不仅能够更加快速地了解和测试更多设计选项,还能减少对物理样机的需求。 ANSYS 软件在这种转变中发挥了核心作用,目前,财富 500 强企业的前 100 家工业公司中,有 96 家采用了该软件。

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案例研究: 面向神经细胞模拟优化代码

Intel held the Intel® Modern Code Developer Challenge that had about 2,000 students from 130 universities in 19 countries registered to participate in the Challenge. They were provided access to Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors to optimize code used in a CERN openlab brain simulation research project. In this article Daniel Vea Falguera (Modern Code Developer Challenge winner) shares how he...
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基于英特尔® 架构加速金融应用

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