Case Study: Parallelizing a Recursive Problem with Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Intel worked closely with DreamWorks Animation engineers to improve the performance of a key rendering system library by up to 35X performance improvement in some cases.
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How Embree Delivers Uncompromising Photorealism

Rendering is a computationally demanding task, involving calculations for many millions of rays as they travel through the scene and interact with the materials on every surface..Corona Renderer uses Embree ray tracing kernels to carry out the intensive computations necessary in rendering.
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Painting with Light: A Technical Overview of Implementing HDR Support in Krita*

Krita is digital painting software with true HDR capability. Performance is enhanced through Intel® multithreading technology.
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Prana Studios Leverages Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 Series to Get Better 3D Animation Rendering

Introduction: Prana Studios is a leading Animation house based out of Mumbai and Los Angeles.

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