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关于 android 中 edittext 特殊字符过滤和字符长度限制的最优方法



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使用 Intel GPA System Analyzer 改进 Android* 应用

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已归档 - 将英特尔® 实感™ SDK 面部扫描应用于 3D 网格

Learn how to use the Intel® RealSense™ SDK to scan and map a user’s face onto an existing 3D character model. The face mapping sample uses the 3D Scan module to scan the user's face and then map it onto an existing 3D head model. This technique does a "stone face" mapping that is not rigged or currently capable of animating. The code is written in C++ and uses DirectX*.
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DirectX* 12 中的多适配器支持

This sample shows how to implement an explicit multi-adapter application using DirectX 12. Intel’s integrated GPU (iGPU) and a discrete NVIDIA GPU (dGPU) are used to share the workload of ray-tracing a scene. The parallel use of both GPUs allows for an increase in performance and for more complex workloads. This sample uses multiple adapters to render a simple ray-traced scene using a pixel...
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 适用于 OpenCL 内核的并行噪声和随机函数

This article describes and links to the Noise code sample. The sample includes an implementation of Perlin noise, which is useful for generating natural-looking textures, such as marble and clouds, for 3D graphics. It also includes a set of pseudo-random number generator functions that are sufficient to make a generated image visually appear random.
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已归档 - 面向增强现实的自主导航介绍

This article provides an introduction to autonomous navigation and its use in augmented reality applications, with a focus on agents that move and navigate. Autonomous agents are entities that act independently using artificial intelligence, which defines the operational parameters and rules by which the agent must abide. The agent responds dynamically in real time to its environment, so even a...
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使用现代 C++ 技术增强多核优化

如今,多核处理器已经在 PC 中普及,内核数量不断增长,软件工程师必须适应这种情况。通过学习如何处理潜在的性能瓶颈和并发性问题,工程师可以使他们的代码适应未来,以无缝处理添加到消费者系统的额外内核。
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英特尔® 多核企业 VR 体验:将人群模拟集成到混合现实中

开发虚拟现实 (VR) 体验是一段有趣而令人兴奋的旅途,但如果没有适当的工具或帮手,这段旅途将会变得异常艰难。为了提供帮助,英特尔希望制定一份路线图;提供一系列指导和经验教训,帮助缩小与虚拟现实世界的差距。为了说明此虚拟现实开发之旅中所需的工具和实践,我们共同承担项目、规划项目、构建项目,当然还有测试项目。
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Fortran 和 C 卸载指令和函数比较

本快查表比较在英特尔® 至强融核™ 协处理器编程环境中 Fortran 和 C++ 卸载指令和函数

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