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Android* 开发中的多线程编程技术


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基于64位架构使用英特尔® 线程构建模块并行化安卓* 应用

全新的 Android L 64 位操作系统已于近日推出。 在本文中,我将向您展示如何利用英特尔® 线程构建模块(英特尔® TBB)轻松地开发面向 Android L 64 位架构的并行应用。 英特尔® TBB 是一个跨平台模板库,可用于创建并行程序。 它可以创建和同步数据流,同时隐藏架构详情,支持您在更高的抽象化水平上工作。 英特尔® TBB 可以在所有架构上运行。

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使用 OpenCL™ 2.0 读写图片

While Image convolution is not as effective with the new Read-Write images functionality, any image processing technique that needs be done in place may benefit from the Read-Write images. One example of a process that could be used effectively is image composition. In OpenCL 1.2 and earlier, images were qualified with the “__read_only” and __write_only” qualifiers. In the OpenCL 2.0, images can...
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整理您的数据和代码: 数据和布局 - 第 2 部分

Apply the concepts of parallelism and distributed memory computing to your code to improve software performance. This paper expands on concepts discussed in Part 1, to consider parallelism, both vectorization (single instruction multiple data SIMD) as well as shared memory parallelism (threading), and distributed memory computing.
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Tasks are a lightweight alternative to threads that provide faster startup and shutdown times, better load balancing, an efficient use of available resources, and a higher level of abstraction.
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借助 SIMD 数据布局模板优化数据布局

Financial service customers need to improve financial algorithmic performance for models such as Monte Carlo, Black-Scholes, and others. SIMD programming can speed up these workloads. In this paper, we perform data layout optimizations using two approaches on a Black-Scholes workload for European options valuation from the open source Quantlib library.
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已归档 - 面向增强现实的自主导航介绍

This article provides an introduction to autonomous navigation and its use in augmented reality applications, with a focus on agents that move and navigate. Autonomous agents are entities that act independently using artificial intelligence, which defines the operational parameters and rules by which the agent must abide. The agent responds dynamically in real time to its environment, so even a...
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SPDK 助力加速 NVMe 硬盘

The Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) is an open source set of tools and libraries hosted on GitHub that helps developers create high-performance and scalable storage applications. This tutorial will focus on the userspace NVMe driver provided by SPDK and will step you through a Hello World example.
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使用 LibRealSense 和 OpenCV 流传输 RGB 和深度数据

This article shows you how you can use LibRealSense and OpenCV to stream RGB and depth data. In the end you will have a nice starting point where you use this code base to build upon to create your own LibRealSense / OpenCV applications.
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英特尔® Software Guard Extensions 教程系列: 第四部分,安全区设计

In Part 4 of the Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) tutorial series we'll create the project infrastructure necessary to integrate the enclave into our application. Downloadable source code is included.
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