An Introduction to the Intel® IoT Developer Kit

Hardware sensors and actuators are the eyes and ears of technology: temperature, location, vibration, rotation, etc. Without sensors and actuators, there is no IoT.

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英特尔® 物联网开发人员套件简介

硬件传感器和致动器相当于技术的眼睛和耳朵:温度、位置、振动、旋转等。没有传感器和致动器,物联网将不复存在。 英特尔® 物联网开发套件是一整套软硬件工具,可帮助您使用传感器硬件技术创建创新、炫酷的项目。 开发人员套件经过构建,可支持您选择第一代或第二代英特尔® Galileo,或英特尔® Edison 开发板等硬件组件。

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Webinar: Python* Programming for Machine Learning

Learn about best usage for the Intel® Distribution for Python*, installing and setting up, intro to machine learning with examples.
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Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories | April

April showers bring you Python* code samples, a recap of GDC, machine learning in retail and an update to Intel® Threading Building Blocks. Read on!
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Intel at PyCon 2017

Intel will showcase tools and solutions (including tools that are optimized for Python) at Pycon 2017.
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Intel Workshops at PyCon 2017

Get the details on the technical workshops from Intel at PyCon 2017
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Intel Global IoT DevFest

Celebrating the FIRST EVER Global IoT DevFest! Registration is Still Open to Watch Replays! ATTENTION – There’s still time to sign up for the latest edition of our Intel Global IoT DevFest II on Nov 7-8th 2017.
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Get Your Hands Dirty with Intel® Distribution for Python*

Speakers: Zhang Zhang and Victoriya Fedotova, Intel

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Functional Connectivity of Epileptic Brains

In this session Student Ambassador Panuwat of FIU describes his AI research designed to better detect and diagnose epileptic brain function.

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在本课程中,佛罗里达国际大学(FIU) 学生大使 Panuwat 将介绍他的 AI 研究课题 — 如何更好地检测和诊断癫痫脑功能。

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