Intel® Threading Building Blocks book

Intel® Threading Building Blocks: Outfitting C++ for Multi-core Processor Parallelism, by James Reinders, © 2007


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Measure Intel® IPP Function Performance

This is a while paper to describe how to use the Intel IPP performance benchmark tool to measure Intel IPP Functions.
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Short Data Segment Overflow Error on Linux* 64 on Itanium® Architecture

Workarounds and solutions for the Short Data Section Overflow error condition on IA-64 are discussed.
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Generating Thumbnails with Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

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Intel® AVX Realization Of IIR Filter For Complex Float Data

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I'm using system() calls in my app and itcpin fails when writing trace file.

This article describes a quick workaround for this problem by using the --insert option for the itcpin utility.
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Intel® MPI Library for Linux* - New features

A list of all new features for the Intel MPI Library.
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Running list of known issues

A list of known issues and error messages for the Intel MPI Library.
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Intel® MPI Library for Linux* Tips and Tricks - FAQ: Part 1 of 2

An FAQ regarding starting up and tuning the Intel MPI Library
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