Intel® Software Development Emulator Release Notes

Chronological list of Release notes for the Intel® Software Development Emulator
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[obsoleted 2-mar-2010]: Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2.1 Release Notes Addendum

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA), Version 2.1, has been released. This article contains last-minute notes that were not included in the version of the release notes distributed with the product.
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Product Release Notes for Intel® GPA Version 2.2

This article includes a separate copy of the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) Release Notes for users who would like to access this information from the web (instead of accessing the notes from the installation area on the disk).
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Intel® Power Gadget

Intel® Power Gadget is a software-based power estimation tool enabled for 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processors or newer. It provides real-time processor package power information in watts using energy counters.
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Intel® MKL 11.0 Release Notes

Release Notes for Intel MKL 11.0
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Why Sunshine and Bug Fixing Go Together

I was having lunch at the recent LinuxCon and Plumbers conference with a colleague, bragging as usual about how much I love my home near Portland, Oregon.

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Tool Suite (code-named Emberson) Beta Release Notes

Release Notes
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Yocto Project v1.3 Released!

This is reposted from my blog on the Yocto Project website. Please go there to access all kinds of embedded Linux goodness. 

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Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) 2019 R2 Release Notes

This article contains the online version of the Release Notes for the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA). You'll find system requirements, installation instructions, issues and limitations, and legal information for the product.
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Intel® Math Kernel Library(Intel® MKL) 11.0 for Windows*, Update 2

Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) is a highly optimized, extensively threaded, and thread-safe library of mathematical functions for engineering, scientific, and financial applications that r

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