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Manage Sensitive Data with SecureKeeper

Cloud computing has trust issues for applications that manage sensitive data. Learn how to use an enhanced version of Apache ZooKeeper* to shield them from untrusted software.
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Protect Password Databases Using Trusted Hardware

A human-chosen password is relatively easy to guess and is frequently reused. Increase security by generating a random salt value for each user, and then concatenate it with the password before hashing.
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Mitigate Password Database Breaches

It is now more feasible to attack hardware by guessing the passwords (even when they are made more secure). Provide stronger protection by adding keys to passwords before they are hashed.
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A Case for Protecting Computer Games

Intel® Software Guard Extensions provides new security guarantees that prevent players from cheating and getting unlicensed copies. 

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Isolate Operating System Components

Intel® Software Guard Extensions was not designed to work in kernel mode. But, Linux* kernel functionality can be wrapped within its enclaves by moving parts to a user space.
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Achieve Improved Performance with Exitless Services

Running I/O-intensive, memory-demanding server applications in enclaves leads to significant performance problems. Resolve the issues with exitless system calls and paging in enclaves.
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Run a Trusted Client-Side JavaScript*

JavaScript* improves the user experience and reduces the server load for web applications but has unreliable confidentiality and integrity. To resolve this issue, use TrustJS to partition the code.
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Avoid Leaks & Synchronization Attacks with Enclave-Side Preemption Control

Vulnerabilities allow untrusted operating systems to extract secret information from enclaves by exploiting concurrency bugs. Learn tactics to overcome this issue.
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Use Lightweight Collective Memory to Detect Rollback and Forking Attacks

Detect integrity and consistency violations with a lightweight protocol that establishes a collective memory among all remote application clients.
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A Cloud-Based, Secure Logger for Medical Use

Learn about a time-synchronized, tamper-evident design that tracks medical device and patient information.
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