HD Graphics Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide to Intel® HD Graphics.
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Quick Reference Guide for Intel® Core™ Processor Graphics

Current Quick Reference Guide to Intel Graphics.
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英特尔® 酷睿™ 处理器显卡快速参考指南

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Intel Ivy Bridge Graphics Developer's Guides

Intel processor graphics is updated in distinct generations. This page has the latest Intel Graphics Developer's Guide and links to previous generations of Intel Graphics Developer's Guides.
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cl_intel_simultaneous_sharing OpenCL* Extension in a New Driver

There is a new Intel® Iris™ Graphics and Intel® HD Graphics driver update posted  for code names Haswell and Broadwell and it conta

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Energy Analysis with Intel® System Studio 2019

Introduction to Energy Analysis
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The DRNG Library and Manual

An introduction to the DRNG Library. Includes download links for the static binary libraries, source code, and documentation and a guide to getting started.
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How to Setup and Deploy Intel® Media Server Studio on CentOS* 7.1

The CentOS* 7.1 default kernel is considered a primary OS for Intel Media Server Studio. See additional information in media_server_studio_getting_started_guide.pdf). We use the following kernel in our script: kernel-3.10.0-229.1.2.el7.src.rpm. However, there are many other recent kernels. For an updated list of recent kernels, see: The following...
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