Get Amazing Intel GPU Acceleration for Media Pipelines - Webinar Replay

Media application developers: Learn how to access the heterogeneous capabilities of Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon® processors1 to unlock amazing faster performance for your media applicat

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Part 2 | Intelligent Vending Machine—An IoT Solution for Retail Industry

This presentation demonstrates a rapid path­-to­-product IoT solution for retail.

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Part 3 | Shop Smart with IoT Using Microsoft Azure and Intel® IoT Platform

In this session, explore the basics of both business-consumer and business-business retail transactions, for example, using beacon technology and blockchain.

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Part 4 | What It Takes to Build a Decision Signage Platform

We share how we built a decision signage product on IoT Core and Microsoft Azure, including how to get IoT Core up and running, which devices would make sense for development and testing, and which

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Advanced Video Processing Using Intel® Media SDK

In this webinar, Intel® Evangelist Raghavendra Ural will present code walkthroughs to demonstrate the step by step process to develop a professional application using this standard API.

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Develop Retail IoT Solutions using Intel® Technologies Webinar

Learn to use Intel® technologies to improve your retail analytics, reduce recurring costs, and more
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Develop for Visual Retail Using Intel® Active Management Technology

Learn how Intel® Active Management Technology, a component of Intel® vPro™ technology, enables system’s remote manageability which lowers total cost of ownership, ensures software of each deployed

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